Mar 10 2008

Top 5 Recent Surf Videos

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Here are my top videos of the past couple years. Any others you guys think deserve mention?

Movie: My Eyes Won’t Dry 2

It’s safe to say that the surfer, Brian Conley, lives the life. He gets paid by his sponsor Oakley to travel the world and surf the best, most perfect waves. That’s his actual contract right there. A couple years ago he released “My Eyes Won’t Dry.” The footage is primarily video footage taken from inside the barrel. Any great movie, deserves a sequel. Brian surfs Indo, Mexico, Australian and generally the best barrels in the world and films them from his board. The effect is mesmerizing. The dub soundtrack, however, may take the sober-ear some getting used to.

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Brian Conley BarrelFest – Click to Play

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Movie: The Secret Machine/New Emissions of Light and Sound

CJ and Damien Hobgood, Yadin Nicol lead a cast of stellar up and coming rippers to surf some of the best waves. Insane surfing all around. The music and editing making this one of the best surf videos of my collection.

Apparently when filming a surf movie with some of the best surfers in the world at some of the best breaks in the world, you get a disgusting amount of surf footage that would make any surfer weep. Well, the crew that make “The Secret Machine,” took the leftover footage (read mindblowing barrels) and edited into a second movie. They then got in touch with one of the world’s best DJ’s Sacha, who was so impressed with the footage that he put together the soundtrack with originals. Yes, it’s 50 minutes of beautiful surfing to Sacha. Bring on Studio 54!

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[youtube HzekV_pWk2g]

[youtube vyGOyHn_Z5o]

Movie: Seconds Thoughts

Timmy Turner and his crew camp out on a remote uninhabited island in Indonesia for months at a time. In surf terms, going “feral.” Their mission is to score epic barrels at two breaks on the island considered the best barrels in the world. They film from their boards and capture some of the longest barrels on film (the one at the end goes on for 45 seconds!!!). While the dialog leaves a bit to be desired, the footage absolutely makes up for it.

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[youtube ceglgfR0oY4]

Movie: Sipping Jetstreams

If you can’t be a pro surfer, then a photographer or film maker might qualify as the second most desired careers of a surfer. Taylor Steele, one of surf’s premier film makers, packs it in on a plane heads off to Morocco, Egypt, and other unlikely destinations and makes a visually stunning and inspiring surf movie. Taylor mixes cultural footage and scenery with footage of Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, and others. The movie creates a new category of surf movies.

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[youtube rpDVllxmT48]

Movie: Riding Giants

Former pro-skater and original member of the Dogtown crew, Stacey Peralta documents the story of big wave surfing from its inception in the 50s by the Greg Noll at Waimea Bay to the discovery of Mavericks by Jeff Clark to the realm of tow surfing. Stacey does an incredible job of mixing archival footage with interviews of Greg Noll, Jeff Clark, Laird Hamilton and others. This is a movie every surfer should watch and one of the best surf flicks to recommend to others.

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[youtube ADy8f6t4Ri8]

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