May 05 2008

More Shark Attacks – Global Warming to Blame?

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shark eat shark More Shark Attacks   Global Warming to Blame?

We’ve blamed pretty much everything else on global warming, why not increased shark attacks? The Guardian UK published an article linking the recent shark attacks to global warming. There’s been an increase on shark attacks in the last couple of years (especially in Florida). US has suffered the worst with 70% of the worldwide sharks attacks in 2007 occurring in US waters. The author suggests more people visiting the coast (due to higher general population), increased seal populations, and warmer sea temps potentially causing sharks into areas they haven’t been in the past. All the evidence seems anecdotal, and the scientists seem to be postulating rather than having any real evidence. Here’s a graph from the International Shark Attack File that shows how much shark attacks have increased in the past century. (more after the jump)

shark attacks chart by decade More Shark Attacks   Global Warming to Blame?

The graph looks pretty startling, but considering the explosion of popularity of water sports in the 90′s and into 2000 (surfing, kiting, scuba, etc). It’s not that surprisingly there would be an increase.

The Florida Museum of Natural History publishes the International Shark Attack File, a great resource for the jittery and curious surfers among us. Here’s an image listing unprovoked shark attacks by country. The surprisingly number to me was how many attacks there are in the U.S. in spite of Australia and South Africa having such bad reputations. In fact, the U.S. has had more than triple the number of attacks than the entire content of Africa let alone South Africa!

shark attack map More Shark Attacks   Global Warming to Blame?

pixel More Shark Attacks   Global Warming to Blame?

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  • savannah

    hi my name is savannah and i do almost all the reserach on sharks and i was a cage diver in north america and i travel all around the world diveing now! i got bit by all kinds of sharks and trust ma its not fun !!!

  • shorty 911

    we shold realy do somthing about this it is increasing more amd mor e

  • robert

    i know seen it happen..

  • Poopy

    well, these facts are so effiencient. i louv these facts. Sharks are sooo cool!

  • francesca

    i research sharks and meet them nearly every day I dont thinks its globle warmining its peaple being so unawer of the dagers of water

    francesca birmingham

  • stephanie torres

    i would wont to learn more about these cool animals. And if you people can put sharks on shore then i will get into the water with you people.

  • Marcus

    hi, i have had interest of sharks since i was 6 years old, i’m now 16 and have dived with sharks, and the attacks rais more i think becouse people are not aware enough. And many people thinking of eradicating sharks because all the attacks, but honestly, it’s just because they are to do exactly what they want when they are in the water, they have no respect for what is already in the water, to want it out .. . Incredibly selfish and idiotic

    - Marcus

  • ICE-BURNzz

    people. I know this picture looks very interesting indeed… but! this has nothing to do with global warming, as you have heard already.
    this picture has been used for so many lie’s and truth’s. the truth is. Truth!- they are getting more and more into the future,
    which is making the oceans and seas much more dangerous than usual but, one reason for this, is because of our lack of “taking care of the environment” where are those people who say “we are here, and everything will be fine and better”.??? why say quotes like this and damage the mental stability of others ( hope that part made sense).
    False!- This shows the picture of the sizes of the sharks since -1 billion years ago- to (today). err… well that was a great try, but this picture looks more like edited with some program maby called “photoshop” *URGH* irritating, stupid, dumb, useless, mindless, brainless, people <—(this is to people who put this picture and said that it was "global warming signs"

    sorry to make you people sound/look like amateurs for this situation but what can I do?, sometimes you have to respect the truth of failing. =D enjoy your they people…

    by the way I'm only 11 years in age, and with this type of grammar if i owned some people, I'm sorry but my future (i hope) will be a mechanical engineer – which is actually going to be useful to prevent global warming and all other types of damage's. =)

  • jack newington

    ERM kid, I know you want to show off your ability. but for a picture that has not been looked nor answered for a while, isn’t just right. you know what I’m saying?. I mean look at you. yeah you might be 11 years old, but! this doesn’t prove that you are clever. yes you are correct with saying that it has been made/ edited on Photoshop. the picture is not something that really has happened, it is only created to show how unstable nature is getting. think about it, if you were wanting to get the peoples attention. would you put something like A shark eating a salmon or a seal. or! are you going to make it more serious and have pictures of all sorts of shark eating each other one after the other. like i said this picture isn’t what it looks like it is just to make us understand the state of the nature.

  • Anonymous


  • Maikajane

    ThE ShArKs ArE DaNgeROUs!!!!!!!!!

  • Agladden6

    Fail. Globel warming is a myth

  • Bob

    rubbish hate boring ha ha loser

  • Haha

    ha ha loser rubbish hate wrong fail loser :(

  • Vannesa_morgan

    your great i dont no why you domeasses are bing like that

  • Jenzy

    Why don’t you research and post how many PEOPLE kill SHARKS every year and you will find that a hell of a lot more sharks are murdered by people than people from shark attacks!!!