May 05 2008

The Barrel Cam – Red Bull Shows Us The World’s Biggest Barrel From the Inside Out

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Barrel Shot At Teahupoo From Red Bull 360 Cam

Red Bull teamed up with the world’s best barrel riders (Jamie O’Brien, Jamie Sterling, Ian Walsh, and Raimana Van Bastolear) to film the world’s heaviest barrel in the that’s never been done before. Using a 360 cam (I’d never heard of one either) strapped to their backs, they film the barrel from all angles. The resulting footage allows you to see the barrel from the surfer’s perspective and actually move the camera around the barrel for 360 degree views! Incredible stuff. You can actually pause the camera at any point and move the camera around and see the barrel from all angles. Since most of us won’t probably ever be dropping into 10 ft. Teahupoo, it’s a good as we can get for now. Here’s the link to the Red Bull site on the project with videos. Check out the photos below.

Jamie O’Brien stands tall at Teahupoo with Red Bull 360 Degree Video Camera

Raimana Van Bastolear at Teahupoo, Tahiti

Red Bull 360 Cam and Surfer

Raimana Van Bastolear at Teahupoo, Tahiti

Jamie O’Brien Starts Up with the Camera Strapped On

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