May 13 2008

Shark Attack Risk of Death…

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shark cartoon Shark Attack Risk of Death...

With all the recent shark attacks and hysteria surrounding them in the media, I decided to look up some statistics on shark attacks and death. The International Shark Attack File has tons of good information and statistics on shark attacks. This page compares the risk of death of shark attacks to everything from an alligator attacks to a “collapsing sand hole incident.” And according to their graph below what you’ve heard is true, you’re far more likely to die from a lightning strike or fireworks than from a shark attack (let alone heart disease, car accident, or multiple drug-resistant bacteria). So buckle up, wear a helmet, watch out for collapsing sand hole, and surf your brains out.

shark attack risk of death Shark Attack Risk of Death...

Check our post on annual number of shark attack and deaths (here).

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pixel Shark Attack Risk of Death...

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  • Chris

    You know I read all these statistics about how surfing is safer that blowing off fireworks in a lightning storm while driving, but there is a nagging con here. It seems to use the overall population as the divisor. What are the odds of you happen to be a person who surfs the West Coast?

    What are the odds if you are planning a surf trip to Guerrero?


  • Chris

    Addendum to up above: the way I see it, three people were chomped in Guerrero in a month. There are possibly 150 people in the water up and the coast on any given day. Therefore the odds of getting bit are 150 x 30/3 or 1 in 1500. That makes it 2,498 times more likely that you will get eaten in Gurerro than the odds above. However, I am planning a month trip to Guerro and expect I will be in the water for 30 days. That would seem to make my odds 1 in 50, or slightly better than death by hostpital infection. Hmm. At least the waves will be less crowded – with surfers.

  • Evan

    Chris, interestingly enough I just email George Burgess who’s the head scientist at the International Shark Attack File (where I got the number and charts from) and asked him how being a surfer affects the shark attack statistics. He actually did a study and crunched the numbers on beach goers (
    and found similar risk of death (actually risk of death in this case was 0).

    As for Guerrero, the numbers down there aren’t good. You should consider heading up to Michoacan. We scored great waves up there. If you stay in Guerrero, you’ll probably have the Ranch and Saladita to yourself.

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  • peter pan

    i was eaten by a shark and pooed out

  • Joe

    DANG!!!! only 1 in 3,748,067 people die from shark attack!!!

  • jess

    This picture is so stupid and really annoying but is was o.k!!!!!!!!!!


  • Jess

    Who is that girl anyway a friend of yours? J.K SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron

    sharks are dangorus because they can eat you.

  • http://.... kirstie

    i wana go an swim wiv sharks like reaally so any 1 who feels the same drop a message through sayin kirstie i feel the same 2 …

    thank u ;x

  • http://live Ekc

    i think evryone is so stupid and ask stupid quetion too!!!!!!!

  • Frank

    I am a scuba diver and I migrate to coast as often as possible diving the California coastline between Ft. Bragg and Monterey.
    Greatwhites frequent these waters and hunt while here, but I have not once ran into one. But I fear my days are numbered and at some point I will have an encounter. This has not swayed my drive to enter the water, infact it has encouraged me to learn everything I can about the sharks I may encounter, primarily the Greatwhite. I have learned that in 20 years there has only been one scuba diver killed at depth by a greatwhite. Most attacks from Greatwhites occur at the surface, this in part is due to the sharks attack behaviour, greatwhites are a hit and run shark who does not like to enter into combat with its prey. Altho Greatwhites have been known to do exploratory bites on divers, injuring but not killing or eating them. Those who are most at risk are Abalogne divers and surfers and those who choose to swim on or near the surface. I have often wanted to take a cage dive trip to the Farrollan islands to experience an upclose encounter with the Greatwhite and get some pics, but it is an expensive trip and will have to wait till I have some money burning a hole in my pockets. I wish to know more about sharks, but dont want to get eaten in the process of diving and learning.

  • http://clubpenguin Hamish2010

    i have a phobea of sharks and im eleven. They hav to many teeth for my likin and they scare the hell out of me. I never never never want to be in a sea with a tiger, great white or any other mean sharks!

    love Lobbus xxxx

    ps I love club penguin!!
    Pss i used my username on this

  • http://clubpenguin Hamish2010

    i still dont like sharks. Do you think a Bull shark is ugly? I do they are hidious! And they dont even wear clothes! I bet the girl sharks are not impressed by their blubber. I wouldnt be. Oh yeah i think the picture is stupid i mean that would not happen! And the girl isnt very good looking even if she is thin!

    Love loobus xxx

    P.s. Frank you dont have to be so Tecnical about it its not like you’re a really diver.

    P.s.s. Sorry Frank. You ARE a really diver but still i bet u dont want to get eaten by a shark! Or do u?????!!!

    P.s.s.s Peter Pan me too.

  • Guy

    You know, more people get wounded from vending machines than a shark.

  • paul

    yh but there are more people using vending machines than people swimming in shark waters what we want to know is how many people swim in the sea to how many people get eaten

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  • Peter Benholm

    I have a phobia about Sharks, I have done since the Movie Jaws, I have not been in the sea since. At the time the Movie was released 1975 I think, I was living In England a place not famous for Shark attacks. I am now living in Australia a place very famous for Shark attacks and I wont even dip a toe in the water. come to think of it Australia is also famous for Crock attacks, deadly Snakes, and spiders and other scary things like – Australians .

  • Michael

    That is a Load. People die from shark attacks every day. It just dosn’t get recorded because the people who get eaten, no one seems to care about. That stupid chart is wrong. That is stright shark propaganda. But if you think it is safe to go into the water, before you do go look at the pics on Check out the shark attack pics and ask yourself ” Is the dumb thrill of surfing really worth looking like that the rest of my life?” Even if the chances (according to the chart) are really high,(they are not, your in the water, sharks are in the water. it is going to happen.) Wouldn,t you feel like an idiot if (when) you got attacked. If you have anything to say or just want to talk about how right i am, Please contact me at

  • Tommy

    heh, michael you’re funny….. every day? lol

  • http://clubpenguin Hamish2010

    same ever since i saw jaws im fricking terrified of them but my mum is a bull shark so i guess that means im dissing myself. Opppsy daisy! Atually i LOVE sharks! heee hee who am i kidding! anyhow any one who doesnt like sharks type I HAVE A TINY WEINER!! thxs

  • http://clubpenguin Hamish2010


  • http://clubpenguin Hamish2010

    damn u

  • http://sharkattackriskofdeath J Weezy

    ommm ididnt read dhis stuff duhleave me a message on

  • ciara

    i resently visited australia it is a lovely place altough i saw 4 sharks out about 6 miles off the coast while i was boating with my boyfriend. the sharks noticed us but payed no attention (luckily). then i noticed something in the sharks mouth and it looked like another shark. i didnt wanna go investigating i am afraid of sharks and was glad they didnt come to eat me and nick. but i also did some research in my time there. and yes u r more likely to get struck by lightining than eaten by a shark altough shark attacks are frequent i dont know about everyday but maybe 3 times a week and theres suprisingly more deaths by sharks than cancer WOW! oh and the picture way stupid

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  • brittany

    oh my gosh that is some cool info oh and nice picture

  • btchjk

    oh my gosh i was out boating one time with my husband and all off the sudden all of these sharks are surrounding the boat. me and my husband were trying to find out why they were surrounding us. so the driver looked over the boat and saw that there was blood from the bate we were using to catch fish with and all of the blood from in the bucket dumped out and that was what attracted the sharks so we were panicing and i was just a very scary moment for me and now when ever i go fishing i never bring blood in the bucket just in case

  • Britney

    If i was sleeping on a raft in the middle of the ocean and saw that big of a shark ready to sink its jaws into me i would scream at the top of my lungs! Although i do love sharks i study them so i can learn more about their life. I visited North Carolina last summer, me my 2 siblings and my parents went swimming. My cousins were still on the shore building a sand castle together. A half hour later my oldest cousin Sammy decided to come in the water. She went pretty far into the ocean! And then she saw a large gray object brush past her leg. She screamed in horror. Me and my sister rushed over to see what was happening. Then that very second a giant Tiger Shark leaped up and got her arm. We got my uncle. He brung is pistol out of the bag we brought to the beach. He shot the shark right in the dorsal fins. The Tiger shark bit her arm off and ripped off some skin on her right leg. We rushed her to the hospital wishing her well. After a while she was fully recovered but it took a very long time to get her recovered. The doctors gave her blood and sewed back on her arm and wrapped a bandage around the torn leg. That was a horrible thing to watch because she is the nicest person in the whole family. And thats my story about my trip to North Carolina.

  • Tara Thompson

    that lady is so crazy

  • Jenna

    I love Sharks when i watched all the shark videos it was awsome until the shark ate 3 people it was sad but i want to watch them again but it was still awsome! I would be screaming at the top of my lungs to and hey and britney yours was a great story about your trip to noth Carolina but it must have been horrable to u i am sorry 4 u but i’m glad she is ok. love, Jenna!!

  • dillon


  • Reitafan101


  • Reitafan101

    i do and im not really afraid to die by a shark

  • Mark

    Oh my gosh that is SOOO fake!!

  • Tbhowe

    what a load of balls mate. Every DAY? This page shows the rundown for the past decade in the USA.'ll notice that there are 8 fatalities in total. I’ve swum with a variety of different shark species around the world, including two of the ‘big three’ alleged killers, and I can assure you that they are far safer to be around that humans.

  • Muhammadsaeed

    so beautiful and dangerous Fish 

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  • Blahblah123

    awsome and i dnt think ppl die of sharks “1″

  • Silhouette

    I thinks we should machine-gun them from choppers…
    I am, quite obviously, a freaking moron!

  • Palmer13

     Facepalm. Did you even read this chart?

  • sa

    this is not all true we live in western Australia and there has bean around 4-5 this year.