Jun 27 2008

The Board Seen Around the World

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  The Board Seen Around the World

Austin Saunders with Austin Custom Surfboards, Virginia Beach, VA recently collaborated with a customer to shape a board and send that board to be surfed around the world by a variety of surfers. According to their site about the Stoke Transmission Device (as the board is named), the board is to be passed on from surfer to surfer. Surfer’s with the board should surf it, sign the board bag, and send it on to the next surfer. They can send in photos and their story to be added to the blog. So far from their map, it looks the board has made in up the coast from Virginia and was recently reported to be in Kennebunk, Maine. Reports are that’s its headed to the West Coast and then New Zealand. Although that begs the question of how exactly the board is passed on (the blog suggests its random) if they already know the next two places it’s headed. So far, it’s suffered only one ding. Stoke Transmission Device – coming to a line-up near you.

[youtube iplawEITy_U]

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  • tkane2000

    hmm, sounds familiar:
    …still, an idea worthy of replicating. ;)

  • Evan

    yes, true although singlefin was about a board shared between six friends. the stoke transmission device seems at least to be passed along randomly. hopefully that’s the case and it will have some cool stories.