Sep 04 2008

New Smyrna Beach – Florida – Shark Attack Capital of the World

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new smyrna beach New Smyrna Beach   Florida   Shark Attack Capital of the World

The image above is a aerial photo of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The dark shapes in the water are Blacktip and Spinner Sharks. New Smyrna is now officially the shark attack capital of the world. It has registered 19 attacks in 2008 alone!!! There were 74 unprovoked attacks globally in 2007 (image and statistics courtesy of the International Shark Attack File). The 19th attack at New Smyrna Beach was the 4th attack in 2 weeks at the beach. Concerned? I think I might be. Although I’m a bit more puzzled as to why people keep swimming and surfing there. To give you an idea, the attacks so afar at New Smyra Beach in 2008 alone is 1/3 of the global attacks of 2007! I posted earlier on statistics of the risk of death from a shark attack (pretty much nill), but I wouldn’t discount a risk of an attack in New Smyrna.

shark attacks world usa 2007 New Smyrna Beach   Florida   Shark Attack Capital of the World

5ones and the Fear Beneath both report on the attacks. Check the Fear Beneath for more detailed reports on the attacks. Too bad for surfers in the area because the Altantic is sending a slew of hurricanes there way right now. Meanwhile popular surf spots in California’s Red Triangle have had a string of shark sightings including sightings at Ocean Beach, San Francisco and Stinson Beach, Marin County. Not hugely surprising considering it is the Red Triangle.

Here’s a photo a photographer, Kem McNair, caught earlier this year of a spinner shark jumping out of a wave with a surfer on it at New Smyrna Beach.

shark wave New Smyrna Beach   Florida   Shark Attack Capital of the World

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pixel New Smyrna Beach   Florida   Shark Attack Capital of the World

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  • Cordelldena

    I personaly think that sharks dont mean to attack people. It is a concern for safety but people make their own dicisions. To be honest, sharks are very peaceful animals. Sharks normally attack surfers because from the bottom looking up, surfers look like seals. It is nature and I think that we need to be open to that and not provoke them. Hunting has lead to a large decrease in shark population and soon, they will be extinct. Although this is my oppinion and lots of people think differently, so just take this to mind for those of you who think differently.


  • Mikeb2056

    peaceful creatures? lmao…. Their a PREDATOR who happens to be a stupid fish.

  • Mikeb2056

    Just put up a shark net….Problem solved.

  • Mikayla518

    The reason so many surfers get attacked is because when your on your surfboard with your hands out u look like a sea turtle which is a sharks fav treat

  • Guest

    People are so surprised and angry when a shark bites someone. They’re predators…swimming in the ocean is like trekking around the jungle. You wouldn’t find it out of the ordinary if a tiger nabbed someone in the jungle, would you? Well the ocean’s just as wild a place with WILD animals.

    That being said, shark attacks are still rare and you should totally enjoy the beaches that Florida’s east coast has to offer. If you’re really that worried, swim in the Gulf instead…very few sharks there…but there are also no waves lol

  • Ads

    Mikeb2056: you discredited yourself in 2 ways.  1) You used “their” incorrectly.  You should use “they’re”, as it takes the place of they are.  I can’t trust someone that doesn’t understand simple contractions.  2) You clearly know nothing about sharks.  You are correct about one thing- they are predators; however, they are perhaps the most advanced predator on the planet and are pretty amazing animals.  “Stupid fish” doesn’t do them justice.  I will be kind and stop there before damaging your psyche further.  

  • Tiffanym25

    I have lived in New Smyrna Beach for most of my life.  Shark bites are just one of the risks of swimming or surfing on that beach.  Honestly the locals are proud of the title.  Shark bites are bragging rites to a lot of the die hard surfers here.  Besides people have more of a chance of getting in a car accident on the way to the beach than to actually be bitten by a shark.

  • Tom Jones

    I’m with Mikeb. Fuck your technical talk. sharks r stupid fucking morons!

  • Ads

    “Tom Jones”- You have 2 hands.  One of them is pointing at the shark calling it a moron, but you are actually the moron.  The other hand seems to be stuck in Mikeb’s ass.  I’d encourage you to take your free hand to get the other hand out of his ass.  Once you get over your anal fixation, quit your job flipping burgers and actually learn something useful.    

  • Cara

    Sharks are a part of the ocean, period.  It’s where they live. You enter their world at your own risk.  New Smyrna Beach is paradise. I was born in Florida, spent my summers on the beach in the water, and have never been bitten by a shark.  People too afraid to visit by what they have heard, thats okay, it’s just more beach for the rest of us. 

  • Johnathon North

    I heard you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than getting bit by a shark, and i to have lived in new smyrna for a long time but never seen a shark im a little scared to go in the water but not always just depends if fish are jumping or not.

  • Uceyeamtheone

    You 3 are silly.
    Men = Stupid!
    Come back in 10 years when your testosterone bouts are over!

  • Nlarghi

    They actually are highly intelligent creatures…just thought you should know. It depends how you define ‘peaceful’ but they can     be calm. .

  • Nlarghi

    The women on their period is a myth, it’s ok to go in the water!

  • Nlarghi

    Does anybody know what time of year is best to see sharks at NSB? I want to go dive and photograph sharks… 

    I won’t check this often so email me..

  • kath

    I’m just gonna add a bit of information here Mikeb. Sharks are really intelligent. You may not want to believe it but they really are. They are really advanced and they’ve been around for millions of years. Doesn’t that mean anything to you? They have been constantly evolving and even though they may be a predator they are highly intelligent creatures. They have censors that can pick up electrical signals of other fishes nearby EVEN if they’re not moving. Some of them also have an extremely acute sense of hearing. They’re pretty docile creatures, its just that they have extremely high levels of testosterone (they have 900 grams while the average human man has about 11 to 12) which causes the aggressiveness. 

    Just informing you :)

  • guest

    Sharks are just stupid creatues who feed on seals, and humans. I never really liked the beach, and now I hate it, I live near New Smyrna and thats the shark capitol of the WORLD!!!

  • hate the beach

    I’ve seen a shark in person. Not much fun. It was about a 6 footer, New Smyrna beach has a lot more than just 3 foot sharks, be carefull. BTW, I hate the beach and sharks!!!!

  • Mike.B.Is.Gay

    Sharks are really smart. You sound more like a stupid predator than a shark.

  • emk

    there are a lot of sharks in the gulf primarily the bull shark…its where they breed….that is much scarier than a spinner if you ask me

  • DrW

    I don’t deny what you said about the shark, but be careful with your logic. Just because an animal has been around or has evolved over millions of years doesn’t mean it’s “smart”…lots of stupid animals (including some really dumb humans I know) have been evolving for a long time. What you were referring to there was instinct more than it was intelligence.

  • Patrickpaul87

    shut up, they will eat your leg, your children, they have no mercy, the kill
    kill them or be killed, you choose your way moron

  • Allie

    I have lived in New Smyrna and from what I’ve experienced most of the sharks are smaller and young and won’t do much damage. Just because they’re there doesn’t mean they’re going to do anything. Although it is a little freaky to see dark figures when you’re riding a wave. (It’s a dolphin, right??)

  • your all gay

    your allbiitches

  • Gret

    They should let the jersey shore film here for the next season.  even sharks like meatballs

  • n.

    ya but they should still have more then one life guard on the beach or make a safe place so if kids wont to swim then the parents wouldnt worrie about the sharks and relax as you should on a beach.

  • Jess Coughtry

    you have no idea what your are talking about, as long as you not dumb and dont go out at there feeding time you are fine. iv surfed and seen sharks and they haven’t done anything

  • JoJo

    Oh Dear God!! I’m going to florida for holidays and will be visiting NSB. Scary stuff! I’m from Ireland and all we ever see is seaweed…:/

  • Anonymous

    *All* living things have been evolving for millions of years, and their current form is the most advanced. However, some species reached their current physical form millions of years ago and haven’t changed substantially since. These species are remarkable because they arrived at a successful form so long ago.

  • Anonymous

    Where geographically did it happen? And would you hesitate to swim at New Smyra Beach