Sep 13 2008

Solution to Beach Trash: PickUp3

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I live and surf in SoCal. SoCal like many coastal areas has a trash problem, well it’s really a people problem. Too many people leaving there trash and too many people not caring about others trash. 5ones posts on one solution for the trash problem devised by a 13 year old. “At the ripe old age of 9, the Southern California native Cobi Emery did what few 9 yr. olds would do and started his own environmental organization, PickUp3. Cobi had become unsettled with the conditions that the beaches he grew up surfing at were progressively becoming more cluttered with every imaginable piece of trash known to man.” Cobi’s solution is simple and easy to implement, every time you go to the beach clean up your mess and pick up and dispose of 3 pieces of trash.

Hopefully, Cobi’s work will inspire cleaner beaches. Mexico tried their own version with a trash-fishing contest, why not here?

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