Sep 15 2008

New Smyrna Beach Asserts Itself as Shark Attack Capital of World

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shark new smyrna copy New Smyrna Beach Asserts Itself as Shark Attack Capital of World

Now someone please tell me that after 22 shark nips, bites, and attacks in one year, why would anyone be out swimming, wading, or surfing the waters of New Smyrna Beach?! Anyway, Swim At Your Own Risk reports the 22nd attack of the year. “According to NewsJournalOnline a 32-year-old tourist earned the honor of becoming the 22nd shark bite victim of the year in Volusia County today, tying the previous record set in 2001.”  (image:

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pixel New Smyrna Beach Asserts Itself as Shark Attack Capital of World

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  • Weezelbob

    I’m actually a frequent visitor of New Smyrna Beach. The reason they hold the record is because that summer there was a fishing tournament held here and the water was extremely murky and filled with bait. Also, the sharks here are small and the bites are about the same as a dog bite. They aren’t too bad. In the years I’ve visited, I’ve only seen one girl get bit and it wasn’t too bad. They gave her a stitch or two and a band aid and she was fine. Shark bites aren’t all that common here really.

  • Sisto Tony

    I have been surfing in New Smyrna Beach on and off for the last 17 years. I am from the Midwest, so when I heard about all the shark bites, yes, I was a bit freaked out. I was living in NSB the summer of 2001. I was in the water when approximately 8 people were “attacked.” I saw one of the attack victims walk out of the water to an ambulance and get a band aid, then the victim paddled out to catch another wave. There were some more serious attacks, but all in all, you really don’t see sharks too often and when you do they take off just as quickly as they appeared, for the most part. Practice water safety be aware of where you are and you will be fine. People surf NSB their whole lives and never get bit.