Sep 18 2008

Taj – Robbed at Trestles?! By the Judges?

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 Kelly Slater celebrates after winning the Boost Mobile Pro at Lowers

Talk on the ASP is that Taj got robbed by the judges in the final heat at Trestles. Being there at the heat, it definitely felt that the judges were pulling for Kelly. Taj scored two high waves (9.0 and 9.63) and had combo’ed Kelly with 20 minutes left (it should be noted that the judges pre-heat decided to extend the usual 30 minute heat to 40 minutes – a decision that ended up being crucial for Kelly). I was there at the heat and thought that Taj’s second wave and Kelly’s first wave (9.70) were both over scored. I thought Kelly’s final wave at the horn (9.2) was deserved though. It was a mediocre wave that Kelly surfed insanely well. Anyway, see for your self: here’s the interview with the head ASP judge and the video of the final heat on Surfline (link).

“The variety played a major part in the outcome of the final. Where Taj was surfing with speed and lots of turns, Kelly was surfing on a wave that did not allow a lot to offer. He turned this wave into exceptional surfing with full rail carving turns in the critical sections with variety on each section of the wave. Over the years it has been the surfers themselves who have stated that ALL guys on tour can surf the perfect set waves but it takes real talent to take off on an average looking wave and destroy the thing for what it’s worth. This was one area the judges who were working on the final felt strongly about when I spoke with them at the after-final meeting and wrap up.”

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