Sep 26 2008

Insane Wave – Cornwall UK

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OK, granted this actually happened in January of 2008, it’s still worth posting. A couple of bodyboarders decided to charge huge storm waves in Cornwall, England. Originally posted in the Daily Mail UK, the newspaper claims the waves are 50 ft. The whitewash might be 50 ft, but the waves look more like 12. Still pretty heavy for the UK. This guy either charged hard or got caught in the worst rip current of his life.wave uk Insane Wave   Cornwall UK

wave2 uk Insane Wave   Cornwall UK

wave3 uk Insane Wave   Cornwall UK

pixel Insane Wave   Cornwall UK

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  • morgan

    thats insane!
    great blog btw.

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  • Jackcruse97

    Did they live ?

  • Liamtinnion

    that was me !!!!! OMG i BuTTerZ xX

  • Liamtinnion

    of coure its me

  • Dick_weed_chef

    no :(

  • Cranberryranger


  • Tia

    soon ill be like them

  • Cmanuel

    this wasnt waves…this was a zunami…