Nov 21 2008

EXPN Can’t Interview Surfers – Their Interview with Kelly Slater

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 slater EXPN Cant Interview Surfers   Their Interview with Kelly Slater

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EXPN’s Jon Coen interviews Kelly Slater asking him some pretty ordinary questions and gets some pretty ordinary responses. I’m personally not dying to hear Kelly’s opinion on Obama and Ralph Nader or the economy which seem to be the focus of the interview. Kelly does talk about his Kelly Slater foundation that raise money for good causes such as cancer. However, Kelly also calls terrorism a “played out, over-rated threat” suggesting because it only kills a small number compared to cancer and cardiovascular disease its deserving too much attention and money. That’s a hard argument to swallow. While he’s right that a large number of people die from cancer and cardiovascular disease every year, it doesn’t simply negate any other physical threat to our people. Secondly, the threat of terrorism is an ideological threat as well, an attack on humanity and on freedom.

Time magazine actually does a worse job interviewing Kelly here. What is it with surf interviews? Surf magazine’s feed them dumb questions about partying and jetsetting and conventional new sources ask them questions about the economy and beauty products. WTF?!

In the end, Jon Coen only ends up asking Kelly a couple of surf related questions.While I admire Kelly’s commitment to philanthropy, he makes some very broad and generalized statements about the war and terrorism that do more to distract from his accomplishments as a surfer and philanthropist and do him as service.

Here are a couple of questions (among others) I’d like to ask Slater:

What’s the scariest situation you’ve been in surfing?

Who’s the most under-rated surfer on tour?

What happened to Andy Irons this year? Is he a threat for next year?

What else would you like to accomplish with your life?

Where will the ASP tour be in 10 years?

Where will surfing be in 10 years?

What Questions would you like to ask the Champ?

pixel EXPN Cant Interview Surfers   Their Interview with Kelly Slater

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  • Rhys

    I agree, surf magazines seem to get more and more woeful with their interviews. Actually, with all of their content lately. Jobs for the boys, news for the boys.

    If we relied on them to find out who was in jail, who was busted for drugs etc we’d never know any different about our surf stars.

    Are you sure the above alternative questions would stand out for a man that’s been interviewed a millions times? Speculating on Andy might not cut it, but the future of surfing, and pro surfing, definitely would.

    I’d like to hear more about how the surf industry fits in with sustainability. As surfers we rely on clean beaches and oceans to be able to surf. So how does this fit with a sport that continues to make surfboards out of toxic materials and flies hundreds of people around the globe for photo trips each year?

  • Evan

    Good call, especially on the sustainability. It would be good to get an answer from Kelly who clearly supports environmental initiatives yet goes through 20+ surfboards a year who manufacturing produces tons of C02 and toxic waste.

  • SUPhater

    i don’t see you doing any interviews yourself. don’t be calling people out for doing something that you can’t

  • Evan

    That’s the point of a critic. To review a movie, doesn’t mean you need to have made movies yourself.

    As for interviews, check back, I’ll be posting interviews soon.

  • brad

    I agree with you about terrorism. What was he thinking when he made that comment?