Nov 25 2008

Eddie Aikau Waimea Bay Contest Waiting Period Begins December 1

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Flea Waimea Bay Drop

The Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Contest waiting period begins on December 1 and extends through February 28, 2009. Already, the North Pacific is active with a huge Northwest Swell due to hit Hawaii this weekend, a few days before the start of the Eddie.

The Contest is held in memory of revered North Shore lifeguard Eddie Aikau, who disappeared in 1978 in a daring rescue attempt.

Waves must measure at least 20 feet from the backs — that’s 40-foot faces — before “The Eddie” is given a green light, and surfers must be able to arrive within a 24-hour call.

Previous Winners:
1985 – Denton Miyamura (Hawaii)
1986 – Clyde Aikau (Hawaii) – Eddie Aikau’s younger brother
1990 – Keone Downing (Hawaii)
1999 – Noah Johnson (Hawaii)
2000 – Ross Clarke-Jones (Australia)
2002 – Kelly Slater (Florida, USA)
2004 – Bruce Irons (Hawaii, USA)


1. Andy Irons (Hawaii)
2. Brian Keaulana (Hawaii)
3. Brock Little (Hawaii)
4. Bruce Irons (Hawaii)
5. Carlos Burle (Brazil)
6. Clyde Aikau (Hawaii)
7. Darryl Virostko (California)
8. Grant “Twiggy” Baker (South Africa)
9. Greg Long (California)
10. Ian Walsh (Hawaii)
11. Ibon Amatriain (Spain)
12. Jamie O’Brien (Hawaii)
13. Jamie Sterling (Hawaii)
14. Kelly Slater (Florida)
15. Keone Downing (Hawaii)
16. Makua Rothman (Hawaii)
17. Mark Healey (Hawaii)
18. Michael Ho (Hawaii)
19. Noah Johnson (Hawaii)
20. Peter Mel (California)
21. Ramon Navarro (Chili)
22. Ross Clarke-Jones (Australia)
23. Rusty Keaulana (Hawaii)
24. Shane Dorian (Hawaii)
25. Sunny Garcia (Hawaii)
26. Takayuki Wakita (Japan)
27. Tom Carroll (Australia)
28. Titus Kinimaka (Hawaii)

Video of Bruce Iron’s winning wave in 2004 that he rode all they way to the close-out heaving shore break and Flea’s ridiculous wipe-out that same year on a 25 ft (50 ft face) wave.

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