Dec 15 2008

Surfworld on Twitter: Who to Follow

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5Ones did a great post on who to follow on Twitter in action sports. Here’s a follow up on who’s on Twitter in the surf world.

Surftherenow is now on Twitter, follow us at @Surftherenow.

5ones: @5ones

Surfline: @surfline

Surf3r: @surf3r

Surfer Mag: @Surfer_Magazine

Surfing Blog: @surfing_blog

Swell Search: @swellsearch

CJ Hobgood: @cjgoods

Shane Beschen: @shanebeschen

Chris Cote: @chriscote (Editor Transworld Surf)

Ed Fladung: @edfladung (Quality Peoples Blog)

Surfrider: @surfriders

Mr. Tweet: @MrTweet (Great service for finding other like-minded Twitterers to follow)

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