Dec 17 2008

Surf Photography on Flickr

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Flickr is a great photo sharing site with incredible amateur and pro photos. Surf photography has been a burgeoning category on Flickr with some incredible photography. Check out the surf photography groups on Flickr for more: Surfing Group, “Surf Photography” Group, “Wave Porn” Group, and the “Surfer” Group. Check out some of my favorite photos and photographers below:

Surfing Sign

Surfing Sign. Photo Credit: Ed Fladung (Flickr Profile)

Wes Aus Barrel

“Yallingup Lil’ Left.” Photo Credit: Morgan Maassen (Flickr Profile)

Nelscott Reef

Nelscott Reef Tow Competition.  Photo Credit: Scott Eggers (Flickr Profile)

Waimea Shore Break

“Clark Little at Work.” Photo Credit: Eric Minugh (Flickr Profile)

Napalms Barrel

“Barrel at Napalms.” Photo Credit: Evan Asano (Flickr Profile)

Rivera Barrel

Ocean Beach. Photo Credit: Scott Eggers (Flickr Profile)

Vintage Board

“The Art of Surfing.” Photo Credit: Shelter Island (Flickr Profile)

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