Dec 30 2008

New Monster Slab Discovered in Oregon

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Yeti, a new slab was discovered in Oregon and surfed by Mark Healey, Greg Long, and crew. Check out the photos and story in Surfer Mag. Story via Surfing Stoke Blog. Photos by Jason Murray.

surfermag new california slab 4 584x371 New Monster Slab Discovered in Oregon

pixel New Monster Slab Discovered in Oregon

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  • Emlyn

    I can’t figure out how this flew under the radar for so long! Oregon guys are probably bumming over their secrets getting exposed, but hopefully the rest of us will get to see some more of this gem of a wave.

  • Oregon Loco

    Yes, we are bumming. DON’T COME TO OREGON… Unless you like to leave your valuables in your car.

  • duppie

    paddle in you vaginas. you dont even know. and uhmm. there’s also a right.

  • silverfly

    This wave is not really a secret… area called scott’s reef… Though I like the new snazzy name Yeti better.

    The reality is it is a beautiful wave.. and a complete monstrosity. Not ever to be paddled into, but now with da machines…. !!!

    Anyways I would put odds at 5 to 1 someone dies or at very least paralyzed here in next 3 years.

    Just sayin’… it is a beautiful wave and not hard to find.

  • NewPortSurf

    The wave is not at Scotts Reef… That’s all I’m going to say.

  • butterz

    There is a nice spot where you can sit and watch it from the beach. Its not exactly hard to find.

  • boner boy

    I’ve never seen the south jetty in Florence so big!!! And in the river at that! Is that a tactic’s sticker on his board? Whoa!!!

  • surf1985

    I have surfed with ollie and he cant even paddle into real waves, I think most of those kooks from around the newport area should learn how to surf without a ski before they start to blow shit up looking for fame like they did…… fuck those guys

  • Guest

    Wow man, chill. I’m from Newport, don’t call people out like that on here. why don’t you confront them if you feel so strongly about it. don’t talk shit on the internet like a bitch!!

  • Mr Codywilson

    I cant speak for all theses guys, but Greg Long paddles into waves you could only dream of. The waves he paddles into would make u cry for mommy if u were out there. Sure he toes, but he is a living legend for paddle in big wave surfing