Mar 02 2009

Clark Little Surf Photography – Stunning Images of Waves

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clark little waimea shorebreak hawaii Clark Little Surf Photography   Stunning Images of Waves

Clark Little at work photographing the Waimea Shorebreak from the impact zone

Photo Credit: Eric Minugh (Flickr)

Clark Little (website), pictured above photographing the reknowned Waimea Shorebreak, started his career surfing the heaviest shorebreak in the world at Waimea. When he picked up photography, he naturally gravitated toward the impact zone and producing stunning images of the barrel from the shorebreak. Clark’s profile on Club of the Waves.

Clark puts himself in the critical point of the waves and gets rewarded with stunning images. His images are unlike any others. Taken from the heart of the barrel as the wave is balanced between motion and sculpture. Here are a few of his stunning images. (Daily Mail UK post on Clark Little) See Clark’s recent Interview on Good Morning America, Youtube Video of the interview at the end of the post.

clark little shorebreak Clark Little Surf Photography   Stunning Images of Waves

Clark Little Putting Himself in the Line of Fire for the Shot

clark little sandy barrel wave Clark Little Surf Photography   Stunning Images of Waves

A View Only a Surfer Sees Clark Little Capturing the Wave Dance

clark little arc wave crest Clark Little Surf Photography   Stunning Images of Waves

Clark Little Capturing the Wave Dance

clark little sand and barrel Clark Little Surf Photography   Stunning Images of Waves

clark little barrel red sandy wave Clark Little Surf Photography   Stunning Images of Waves

Clark Little Capturing the Surreal Images of Surf

clark little sunset barrel wave Clark Little Surf Photography   Stunning Images of Waves

Sunset Images from the View of the Barrel

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pixel Clark Little Surf Photography   Stunning Images of Waves

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  • Victoria

    Stunning pictures is right!!!

    Fulfills my surfing dreams … something I always wanted to do. I remember body surfing almost daily for about 10 years, and in some water or other, floating about now and then, for a good sixty years, but I never remember scenes like this.

    Whew! Beautiful!

  • http://clarklittlesurfphotography Keith Jackson

    Outstanding these images are total eye candy for me I have always loved to body surf and be at the beach your images give all us the veiw that only very few have seen, all I can say is thanks so much I will ahare these with my students !!!

  • Tammi Welch

    I have never seen such amazing photos of the surf before! This photographer is amazing.

  • Darren Hicks

    Hi there,

    I just recieved an email that has been doing the rounds and they are of wave images taken by Clark Little.

    I was just wondering if the images were actually for sale or not? If so the one that was titled “Molten Liquid Gold” is the one I am interested in.



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  • Ella Lancaster

    I just received an email with some fantastic wave photos. I would love to have some of them for my home in Florida, and was wondering where to purchase.

    Thanks for some stunning photography, Clark

  • Lola Marciannio

    Clark- I admire you. These pictures are absolutely stunning. I framed almost all of them and put them all around my house. Thank you so much for making these availible to the public. I cry when I see them. THANK YOU!

  • Danielle Gledhill

    How can I purchase prints of these photos?

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  • Abhishek darne

    Hello mr. Clark what to say about your art , you are the god of photography. On your millions of fans one more is join. My bless is always with you .

  • Shayla Ryan

    These pictures are amazing and breath taking. how did you get the shots to look like that? did you have to do any retouching at all? these are just the best photos I have seen in a long time. would you mind if I took one of them and put it in my home as a work of art? i would appreciate it. I know what I like and I know what needs to be seen.

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  • April Morgan

    These photos are so beautiful……..I miss the ocean since Im now landlocked in Colorado

  • Heather Frank

    Please could you tell me how to buy some of these prints – I live in South Africa.

  • Carol Schultheis

    the last photo in the wave pictures going around on the web reminded me of a Dale Chihuly blown glass piece. Two masters at their art.

  • alberto

    no coments….. this is very nice…….

  • Dr. Shery Bennett

    Clark your photos are amazing. I am an artist and want to know ifI can get your permission to paint some of yur photos, I will name you as the photographer…if it is ok with you. Thanks. Shery

    I’m a surfer, artist, mom,teacher of art and totally love surfing since 1967…thanks gain for you talent and gifts.

  • Kelsey

    Hi! yes you can buy these prints and many more at

    They are truly amazing!!! :)

  • Marion

    These pictures were sent to me in an email tonight and I immediately fell in love with them. I went to this site and now I would like to know if any of these are available for sale. I would love to have a couple of these to gaze at daily for my new home. Let me know if that is possible?

    Thanks, Marion

  • Amit

    hey wonderful photography..and amazing video..i used to wonder abt the capture of the waves in these position!!! gt to knw it from the video..thank you very much for sharing them…

  • http://n/a beth

    Someone sent me your pics and they are AMAZING … They make me want to take up surfing.

  • gill

    had a signed copy of the limited edition photographs book as a christmas present!! wow – and a brilliant memento of our wonderful hawaiian holiday last year – looking at the photos takes me straight back there and is very moving – so thanks clark for your amazing work – gill, wales

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  • Chela

    Im breathless. These images are simply beautiful and remind me how every wave is a moment passing that will never be experienced the same way twice. I want to get out there and enjoy every single one of them. Thankyou.

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  • Meghna

    Absolutely breathtaking stunning pictures………….some of them look like blown glass sculptures.

    I will never look at waves the same way again……….


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  • Dan

    awseome photos
    Breath taking.
    Clarke really is setting the benchmark

  • FoolMan

    jUANgE, qUe fEO iDiOtA!

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  • Sarah Williams

    Epic  amazing. My translation I love it

  • Orple303

    orange one: Is this real life or is this just Fanta Sea

  • Twotoes

    How or where can I buy a print of one of these pics? I love the sunset in the tube. Awesome. Would love it on my bedroom wall too.

  • Hunterstembridge

    Stunning…Absolutly beautiful. How do you do it?