Mar 06 2009

French Surfer Killed By Shark in New Caledonia

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A 19-year-old French surfer was killed by a shark today as he surfed off New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific. The surfer’s arm was torn off and his leg bitten as he tried to board a boat with his friend. The man’s friend managed to get him to shore, but he was dead by the time emergency workers reached him.

The surfer, who was studying in the New Caledonia capital, Noumea, died shortly after being transported to shore. It is not known what type of shark was responsible.

The incident took place in an area popular with surfers and was the first fatal shark attack in the territory since September 2007, when a young nurse was killed.

New Caledonia is an area of islands located in the Melanesia area of southwest Pacific. It catches the same South swells that hit Tahiti and Fiji as they travel up from Australia and New Zealand. Map and guide to breaks on Wavehunters. And more on WannaSurf.

new caledonia French Surfer Killed By Shark in New Caledonia

map ga new caledonia surf spots French Surfer Killed By Shark in New Caledonia

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pixel French Surfer Killed By Shark in New Caledonia

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  • Una Ola

    Yikes! That’s too bad. I had been thinking of heading to New Caledonia, but I may just stay here in Costa Rica.

    My condolences to friends and family.

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  • g man

    Whaat!! i can’t even imagine the force that rips off your arm.. from your body dude!!

  • Rick Ho

    Here in Australia, there are shark attacks in a regular basis. Pray, hope the best and get barrelled is all we can do hahaha ;]

  • Luthfan

    Visit INDONESIA,for better Entertainment ! ! !

  • hog_riding_fat_hippy

    The French make good food and sharks know this!!!

  • http://non luis alvarenga

    Dear friends,you could visit Vanuatu as well,there is a beatiful country with huge culture and huge stuff to do….

  • Mags

    That Frenchman’s Shark Attack was absolutely horrible!
    Don’t let it happen again.

  • Zec Julian

    i may have to stay away from the beaches if I ever visit to NC…