Mar 13 2009

Diver Fights and Kills 12 ft. Tiger Shark (Photos & Video)

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tiger shark diver Diver Fights and Kills 12 ft. Tiger Shark (Photos & Video)

Diver Craig Clasen grapples with a 12ft tiger shark to protect a friend

Craig Clasen was hunting yellow fin tuna with fellow fisherman Cameron Kirkconnell, photographer D.J Struntz (DJ Strunz’s portfolio) and film maker Ryan McInnis in the Gulf of Mexico when a 12 ft. Tiger Shark aggressively approached and circled Ryan McInnis in deep waters south of the Mississippi River’s mouth. Regarded by many as two of the world’s best free diving spearfishermen, Craig and Cameron have come into contact with thousands of sharks.

Craig Clasen immediately swam to his friend with his spear gun.

‘I positioned myself between Ryan and the shark and I tried to watch it for a second, hoping it would pass us by,’ explained 32-year-old Mr Clasen.

‘I noticed that the shark was getting tighter and tighter and just kept trying to get a back angle on us and behaving in an aggressive manner.

‘The shark made a roll and looked like it was going to charge us so I just went ahead and took the conservative route and put a shaft through its gills.

‘Cameron and I have been around sharks for years and we all have a lot of experience with them but this encounter had a different feel to it.

‘Down in my core I really felt the shark was there to feed. I didn’t want it to come to that.’

Craig spent nearly two hours wrestling with the giant 12ft shark, spearing it seven times and even attempting to drown the beast before eventually finishing it off with a long blade knife.

tiger shark diver knife Diver Fights and Kills 12 ft. Tiger Shark (Photos & Video)

Craig Clasen uses his knife to kill a 12 ft. Tiger Shark

‘Once I shot it in the gills I felt a moral obligation to finish the job,’ says Craig.

‘I didn’t want it to go on any longer than it had to. I shot the fish like I would do any other fish and worked it up closer and did my best to kill it as humanely as possible.

‘I speared it in the gills which I knew would kill it and from that I tried to put a shaft into its brain as quickly as possible.

‘I shot it six times in the head with a spear and I wasn’t having much luck – it was a slow drawn out process.

‘Sharks are so resilient and so tough from millions of years of evolution they are just survivors.

‘The best way and quickest way to finish the job and kill the shark and recover it was to get a rope around its tail, drag it from the back of the boat and attempt to drown it.

‘In the end we had put a knife its skull once I got lose enough to it and use a long blade knife even after trying to drown it.’

Story at Transworld Surf
tiger shark diver2 Diver Fights and Kills 12 ft. Tiger Shark (Photos & Video)


When I wrote this post over a year ago, I had no idea it would garner such a big reaction and so strong opinions. Ryan McInnis, the photographer at the incident, recently discovered the post and left a comment and his reaction. As for everyone else, please keep it civil. I will delete any flame comments, so far I’ve had to delete multiple comments. Ryan, thanks for your comment and for clarifying the story.

Here’s Ryan’s comment reprinted from below:

Wow… I stumbled across this thread today and am amazed that 2 years after the incident there is still discussion about it. I’ll try to be brief:
- Spearfishing is the most ethical and sustainable way to provide seafood for oneself. We were there to take tuna and wahoo.
- We were also there to capture video and images of a new product line for a company. Businesses need promotional material of their gear in action.
- There was a combined 100 years of ocean experience in the water at the time this happened. 2 of us are from North Carolina where sharks are present on EVERY dive. I personally have spent hours outside a cage with big great whites. In other words, we know sharks.
- Our boat was over 50 yards away when this happened, getting out of the water would have been the first option of course. But this event happened faster than the boat could get to us, and swimming away from an aggressive sharks is the last option.
- Once the decision had been made and the first shot fired (which was a mortal shot), there was no other choice but to finish the fish. They are tough and yes it took many more shots to end the struggle. We took pictures and video because the initial danger was over.
- The mood was more than somber and the event cast a dark shadow on what was otherwise a great trip. Killing a shark is an awful thing, and this was the first time in all of our years that it had been necessary.
- One of us was working on a story with Outside Magazine, they ran a photo as ‘what you hope never happens’… then the national media caught it (10 months later) and before we knew it wild rumors and lies about the event began to spread.
And here I am today, still trying to explain why this happened. What got lost in all of this is that I was nearly attacked by a fish twice my size and my buddy came to my rescue. It’s no different than a grizzly bear in Alaska being shot for charging a hiker. It’s terrible but it’s part of sharing the outdoors with the natural residents.
We don’t hate sharks but we do love spearfishing. We did not benefit from this event at all, quite the opposite.
RM, underwater videographer

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pixel Diver Fights and Kills 12 ft. Tiger Shark (Photos & Video)

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  • kelvin

    Did you sell the fins? Only ask as I wanted to understand where the expolitation of this animal stopped after killing it?

  • Lulu

    This is messed up, you do realize you just killed something that is being hunted nonstop for its fines inhumanly, and is soooo close to becoming endangered?

    And do you not see how sad the freaking pictures look!!!!!

    you’re in its territory, I’ve never heard of humans living underwater, there was absolutely no reason to KILL IT! Hit its eye or something to make it swim away, not kill it.

    People should be writing ‘hate comments” because I don’t think what you did was right.

  • Scubajuju

    Some things that these divers have said happened have me doubting their sincerity.
    First,and this can be confirmed in the pix where the guy is up close to the shark,if this is a 12 footer,then the guy must be 9 or 10 feet tall himself!No way is that animal twice his size!
    Secondly,given their inability to correctly estimate size,was the boat really 50 ft away?As a diver,one of the fundamental rules for security is that someone remains on the boat to get to the divers quickly should there be trouble.Either they had no security guy,which means they took un-neccessary risks,or that is the slowest boat I ever heard of,since they were 2 hours with this shark.
    As for the sharks behaviour,nothing extraordinary there.It had spotted large creatures moving(in wetsuits &flippers,the likeness to seals is uncanny)It came in to check out this potential ‘prey’ trying to detect the tiny electric field all living beings give out.The neoprene has an insulating effect which prevents the shark from detecting this which is why it came so close.Still no real aggression,just a natural curiosity.
    The spears entered the shark when the divers were ABOVE & BEHIND it,furthest away from its mouth,which also contradicts their statements of imminent attack.
    This was an un-neccessary,& un-justifiable kill,probably in order to feel like real men.The 2hours of torture highlights this.
    Carry on diving guys,as I will,but know the risks and start by studying the creatures whose home you enter,un-invited.That could save both them &yourselves.

    Cathie,what you said:”kill them all…”well,that’s not a thousand light years from statements made in the past by a certain Adolf…..
    You should be thoroughly ashamed,but then only small minded intolerant humans can come out with shit like that!

  • Lee

    I can see from some of the comments here that some of you do not have a clue about the sport of spear fishing or free diving. These divers have been doing this for a number of years and have encountered many sharks on many of their dives and I am sure they did not kill every shark they saw unless it was necessary.

    This however was a different situation clearly and for some of you to make judgement and to not have been there to know what was going on lets me know that you don’t take the time to use your brains! I would love to see the ones with the negative comments in the same situation.

    I believe one of two things would take place, you would either be attacked and bitten to hell or your wet suit would be full of urine and fecal matter. Please stop making comments about things you know nothing about. Oh by the way this did this with breath holds.

  • Moo

    I’d believe the guys if (a) the first filmed shot wasn’t from behind when the shark was swimming away, and (b) if they weren’t talking about it in suits to the Nancy Grace look-a-like.

    When bad stuff like that happens, it’s often best just to walk or swim away. Maybe that’s just the respect for the young curious guy that got killed.

  • Duglas

    What makes sharks so exempt from being shot at? Theyr just another fish, only they taste shit usually and bite people. Your such racists towards other fish. Are they pretty? Do you hippies want to root that shark?

    Good on him for his eatery gaining skills.

  • Webber D

    This is ridiculous to bash a guy for battling a shark that wanted to eat him and his friends. I hate when some self-righteous hippies from the suburbs who don’t know anything about nature and in this case probably have rarely, if ever, been in the ocean try to get all preachy about animal rights. You people would have been peeing your wetsuit while you swam to the boat crying for your mommy and then picked the pieces of your friend up with a net. I hope you are proud of that. You, Mr. Clasen, are a hero and as an avid fisherman, surfer, and conservationist form the Gulf, I salute you. Happy hunting and I hope these clowns and their ignorant comments don’t get you down. As for you ignorant coffee shop wannabe nature advocates, why don’t you look into whaling and shark finning in Asia or go pick up trash and tar on the beach instead of talking mess about a fisherman who most likely saved his friends life and put his own life in danger to put the animal out of his misery as quickly as possible. Clowns.

  • Austin

    I feel very bad for the shark it was just checking thme out and they just went aheard and Killed it(You people are the monsters not the shark)

  • Austin

    srry bout spelling errors

  • Jaws

    As humans pollute the oceans more and more, these creatures need a good meal! These three pretty boys would have filled that void! They got lucky this time………………
    I’ll be watching for ‘em……………..

  • ScubaSteve

    This obviously is a staged event. There was no danger for the ‘spear fisherman.’

    As one of the other people already posted, the spear fisherman could have done several basic easy things to get out of ‘danger’ as he puts it.

    These guys are clowns. This is simply a video of threee guys killing a shark, nothing heroic here.

  • Robert

    Why does everybody ‘hurt’ for the shark yet the fishermen probably killed hundreds of tuna? Hypocrites. A fish is a fish. And if I saw a tiger shark sniffing around me I wouldn’t hesitate a millisecond to pull the trigger. Animal rights will do you no good when you’re shark food.

  • Josh

    I think what he did was right. Shark are hunter, if you don’t hunt them, then you will be the hunted. They have no moral just animal instint. What he did was to defend himself. We all eat fish or chicken or beef? Is that not killing animals? Use some logic before one speak.

  • mitch

    Obviously these are men who are experienced at this. They are not going out and sport hunting potentially deadly sharks just to gain publicity or for the thrill. They were there filming a commercial or whatever, and the animal approached aggressively. No one would be making the same big deal if a hiker was being attacked by a mountain lion and took defensive action by killing it. Anyone saying that the shark was “drugged” or anything should realize that when a shark is turned upside down or vertically, it goes into a state of paralysis that lasts around 5-10 minutes. He had speared it in the gills, and subdued it by trying to paralyze it, which can also drown the shark. He did this to put it out of its misery. Due to the resilient nature of sharks, it stayed alive and put up a fight, but it is hard to doubt that they were not in danger with a lone tiger shark tightening a hunting circle around them.

  • how rude

    u no what i think that ur a KILLER!!!!!!!!! and now u want all the glory . what about the shark i hope u know a shark saved my life if it wasent for a tiger shark i would of been dead so if i ever see u kill a shark i will cry so hard. p.s imconly ten so ya bye

  • http://westside nzedlander

    yous are fags who thinks what he done is such a bad thing.
    lets see how you would act if you were in that situation ae.easy to give the man shit but if that was yous youll be crying for your mummy,plus what friends would you call yourselves?youll let your mate get fucked up by a shark?good one

  • NM56

    They killed a shark to save a life, no problem.
    Shooting the shark from above makes sense. The diver approached the shark from above, after seeing the shark circling his friend. Certainly better than trying to shoot the fish straight on.
    You don’t fool with an aggressive animal.

  • IT dude

    To anyone who has slagged these guys off on this thread, YOU ARE ALL MORONS. It was quite clear to see that the shark was ready to attack the photographer. Tiger sharks have a nasty reputation of eating anything they come across and have been found dead with all sorts of rubbish in their stomachs. You guys did what you needed to do to survive. It was you or the shark. Well done for making the right descision. I am sure yoru families are stoked you have all your arms and legs still.

    To you couch potota hippies who critisise these guys, I say grow up and stop sitting behind your office screens bored out of your minds and sniping form the side lines try goinf further into the sea then toe level and you will maybe finally understand how hard this situation must have been for them.

    Good work guys. I respect you for making a tough life and death decsion, it cant have been easy.

  • Galatril

    The Gods of the oceans will make sure this man pays a heavy price for the injustice he has committed. Same for the whalers who commit overkill. Waves will rise and people will fall. The sands of time are running out for such savages.

  • Dan

    There are few things in this world that can antagonize me, but you PETA people swarm like flies. Every last one of you are delusional in every sense of the word, but nothing short of a SHARK ATTACK will set you straight, I’m sure. I have the utmost respect for all aspects of nature; the tiger shark is a beautiful creature. Moreover, spearfishing is one of the most natural and humane ways of putting food on the table, and this incident is an example of mother nature at her best.

    By their word, these guys gave the shark every opportunity to project it’s intentions. This is the shark’s habitat, the hunting grounds where it has reigned over millions of years with supreme killing efficiency. And just to be clear, saying that, “these guys were wrong because they were in the sharks domain,” exemplifies the acquiescent human. Now, you can either turn your back to a giant mouthful of razors and swim to the relatively distant boat, or you can address it head-on (in this case, with a few spears, a knife, and a little tactical know-how).

    Cyber beers all round for choosing the latter, fellas, as well as for honoring the shark’s gift to you.

  • Pete A.

    I’m a diver myself, and in my point of view it ‘appears to me’ that it does look like a set up. but yea, in that situation who knows~ I encounter some shark before, and yes they are a magnificent creature but i was scared the sh*t out as much as I awe them. I never done spear fishing, but I think poking the spear at it nose would be more than enough to fend them off, since my punch already did to a few sharks.

    This really sucks, it is so hard to judge on what really happen, but deep inside I have a feeling that they are ‘abit fake’ such as they distorting on what really happen. For instance He might ‘really’ tried to save his friend and all, but the footage itself contradicts their words, it seems like a rolling stone to me, once you started it u need to finish it, just a typical behavior we all shared as a human especially in an isolate place without the view from publicity.

    It is truly sad that the shark died, and it is true that one shark wouldn’t affect the whole eco-system compare to the really fishing industrial. but lets us all try to put other stuff that is ‘somewhat related to the topic’ out the way, cause from what I read it does really make some of you make like a hypocrite that bounce like a ping-pong ball even without really considered other factors.. please try not to act like you know, I just wanted to share my opinion and it really annoys me from some fool-sided view.

    Sorry for my bad english since it is not my first language.

    Thank you,

  • christine muguet

    Oh man, you’re such an idiot.
    What if a shark came to your home, picked what he wanted, and if surprised by your presence, gave you a couple of minutes to leave before deciding to kill you?
    What kind of SHIT in your mind made you believe that you had power over this creature’s fate?
    Rather than telling this lousy story on a TV show, you should be sued by Greenpeace – and by the way, CBS really disappoints by featuring this as some extraordinary achievement when it is plainly a cowardly f***** CRIME of a young shark that had every right to be where it was, without meeting 3 loosers.
    If you don’t want to meet sharks, you shouldn’t dive (try buying your seafood at the supermarket, asshole). And you should have spared us from your cheap philosophy – ie. paying respect to the shark by eating it at sashimi so that “it didn’t die for no reason”: what a pathetic being you are. I hope the next shark doesn’t leave an inch of it !!

  • http://WTF Simon

    This is an amazing thread. It is unbelievable how many people in the world are so rediculously aggressive towards these guys, get a grip. Some people are actually wanting to kill them or wishing them dead? Wow, such a reaction over something they could not possibly understand when they were not there. If it went down as they have said, they were 50 metres from their boat and the first shot was a mortal gill shot as the shark moved agressively in to maybe attack the guys mate. Should he have waiting a few more seconds until his mates blood was clouding the water or should he take the shot whilst he could? Why was there no footage of the first shot in the gills? I don’t know, maybe because they were in survival mode defending themselves. After that, they decided to finsh off the shark and take some photos. Well maybe they should just have let the shark swim off and drown on it’s own and everyone would not be so upset. But no, they finished off the shark and took some photos. Most on this are so horrified and their imagination has thought up all sorts of things that must have happened and presume to know what was in the minds of these guys, the shark and seem to have a mortgage on morality. I haven’t heard much sympathy for the poor dead tuna these guys had already killed and were already in the boat. Life is real. Only judge when you are faultless and none of us are.

  • Fräulein Henrike aus Berlin

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    for anybody who´s not speaking german, I just put a spell on this cock sucking son of a one armed like dog shit smelling bitch.
    that´s all. ha ha: forget “heil hitler”, that´s not my church…
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    who I am? just a scuba girl from berlin, assfuckers!
    love! & good nite.
    ihr macht mich krank ihr arschlöcher, hoffentlich sterbt ihr schon heute, the world would be a better place then.

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  • jim-bob walton

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  • Donnasuthard

    It sad how people get so judgemental about these types of things, When my former husband was in Vietnam, there was a time, when his men were all scared, in his platoon, one night a young boy, came running into their space, immediately. they all opened fire on him, not knowing it was a boy, and he would not die, they wanted to put him out of his misery, they must have shot the boy about 50 times, and still he lived..finally they threw a grenade on top of the boy..that ended his life. When you are scared, you most often defend yourself. It was sad…another time my little boy was coming down a driveway from a neighbors house, and I was waiting for him, immediately a dog came dashing out of the woods, chasing my 4 year old..All I could do was scream in terror, I could not get to him in time. his father immediately shot the dog behind my son, and he saved my son’s life..the dog fled into the woods. Taking the sharks life, was a necessity, he could have taken their lives. Those who judge, are fearful themselves..and they lack understanding…






    So whats it like living in your mothers basement eating space cake while watching the discovery channel?

  • Eaglespeak


  • PETAfile

    DSI: Dick Sucking Idiot

  • ErikinHawaii

    Christine, as a diver with over 10,000 dives in the ocean I can tell you this, spearing your food in the ocean is much more humane and safe than buying seafood from a commercial operator. Fishing boats indiscriminately fill dolphins, turtles and plenty of sharks (some even killing sharks just for the fins) just to catch that sushi you love to eat. You need to tone done your comments and look it this incident in another way. I know for sure, these guys were NOT bragging about killing a tiger shark. I am sure these guys actually suffered some sort of psychological problem after the killing (although they may not admit it). having an encounter with a tiger shark is extremely emotional, almost like a religious experience. Divers give these fish the utmost respect, killing a tiger shark can only be done if your life is in danger. We are all one from Mother Nature, the ocean is our place too don’t forget. I bet if these guys killed another guy in a park you wouldn’t comment at all.

  • Lina

    To all the people who are hating these guys for killing a shark…how about sharing your thoughts to the people who ARE and probably still will be killing sharks for food etc…they where put in a position where they had nowhere to go like they said there boat WAS 50 metres away…and there was noway they was going to swim that fast…get a grip of yourselfs…oh and this to to christine…your having ago at them for killing a shark but your being a nasty b****h by saying you would rather them die from being eaten by it…how about we chuck you in shark infested waters and lets see how far you get! personally i hope you get gobbled up cause you aint worth pissing on if you was on fire!….you malicious cow

  • DB

    Christine muguet… to put it nicely your a hippy tool. why did the divers have no right to be there? just cause the sharks live only in the water, does that mean humans cant enter the water? if the shark was acting aggressivley the divers needed to likewise to save there own lives. YOUR A FOOL.

  • YEW

    fuuuuckin aaaaaaaaye kill that motherfucccccker. i wonder what would taste better, sashimi tiger shark or marinated christine miguet cooked on a fucking spit roast

  • YO

    shutup you hippy

  • #1 spearo

    you definately dont go on a fishing trip to play stud poker and lick posting stamps.

    solid comment testosterous, solid comment

  • Shutting the fools up

    “since your punch already scared off a few sharks”?
    sorry rocky balboa but id bet my bottom dollar you have never even seen a shark when in the ocean let alone “punch” them off.

    bottom line- your a douche bag

  • Db


    douche bags like you really crack me up

  • da man MB

    id rather see a spear through these hippies foreheads then a spear through my own shit

  • Zach

    that’s why we find body parts of people in their stomachs… right? accident my foot. i dont like squash but some people do. who’s to say that sharks aren’t the same. maybe some don’t like the taste of human flesh, but others do, and that’s why they (rarely but they still do) eat people.

  • Zach

    maybe both

  • Zach

    the dude was defending himself from ONE shark. They aren’t on a killing spree.

  • sharkiller

    Hey idiot, firstly I am embarrassed as a human being to read this post. I’m sure if that was you or one of your family members, you would have let the shark do its thing.
    A shark’s life is NEVER more valuable than a human’s, and these guys know WAAAAYYYY more about sharks and the ocean than your tiny brain can process.
    Oh, and the “seafood” you buy at the supermarket? That is all caught in huge nets sprawled across the ocean which also catch/kill THOUSANDS of sharks, dolphins, turtles and everything else in the ocean.
    How some people can be so ignorant and lack the common sense to keep their mouth shut is beyond me. Ultimately I feel bad for how pathetic of a human being you are. Next time you open your fat mouth, do some research, or at least think about it for a couple minutes, if your semi-functioning(loosely used) brain can handle that.

  • Christinemuguet

    Hi, surprised to see this is still going on! Erik I agree with you when you say “much more humane and safe than buying seafood from a commercial operator”. Being a sushi consumer compromises my ability to criticise anyone here: the damage is indeed much worse as people feel detached when they actually support the industry (= hypocrisy).

    My point though was more about the divers cheeckiness to go and tell this story on TV, when there’s nothing to be proud of but I agree that I had to tone down: I wrote this immediately after seeing the images which affected me deeply (but I’m not hippy!).

    In response to the other replies I got -not as bright as yours- I’ve hanged out with surfers for a long time and they have a great philosophy about this: risks of shark attack are accepted in “fair play” – some guys fight back as legitimate self-defence (which wasn’t the case here), some survive disabled. Those who can, generally GO BACK SURFING as soon as they recover, ie. they don’t resent the sharks but overcome the trauma instead; they respect sharks predatory nature without questioning whose life should prevail and take what the ocean offers with more humility.

    Thanks for the insights!

  • Travis

    I wonder how many of these irate people eat fish for dinner? A fish is a fish, get over it.

  • Kayla

    The one thing that breaks my heart in this article was reading the statement:

    “The best way and quickest way to finish the job and kill the shark and recover it was to get a rope around its tail, drag it from the back of the boat and attempt to drown it.”

    That was the absolute most barbaric decision you could have made. Shooting it, I understand. Stabbing it, fine; since shooting it failed to go as planned, that can be understandable as well. Seriously though, the, “best and quickest way,” you could fathom included dragging the creature behind a boat, hoping that it would drown? It makes me sick to think that the shark had to endure 2 hours of slow, agonizing death. I know that the shark had to die. It wasn’t done in cold blood, but out of necessity. I also highly doubt you enjoyed it. You’re not kidding anyone though, when you say you killed it in a humane manner. Instead of bragging about how much experience you have with sharks, I suggest you put it to good use in the future and perhaps avoid any more gruesome deaths.

  • Joseph

    I too would have ended it’s slow painful death. It’s unfortunate, I have had many pets even rats and I cried every time I had to put someone down. I enjoyed Stumbling your story. Amazing….but you’re insane…PLEASE be careful. God Bless you and Mother Earth.JI