Apr 19 2009

Richard Branson Shows Us the Way

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It’s good to be a billionaire. At least Sir Richard does it right. He owns his own private Caribbean Island, Necker, kitesurfs, and generally lives well, very well. Occasionally, kitesurfing with a naked model on his back. Well done, Sir Richard.

richard branson denni parkinson Richard Branson Shows Us the Way

Richard Branson kitesurfing with a very naked Denni Parkinson on his back

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pixel Richard Branson Shows Us the Way

6 responses so far

  • http://www.islandministries.com Evan

    That’s just a ridiculous picture :-) Yes, I’m sure it’s nice being Branson (my favorite thing he’s done so far is getting a cameo in Casino Royale). Nice site, btw!

  • Matthew

    Well if you’re gonna do it, do it right, that’s what I say. As far as I can tell, with his billions, he wants to go to space, he flies around in balloons….and spends the rest of his time doing lots of other fun stuff…preferably with nudy-neked babes on his back. Beats being a boring old recluse who leaves it all to a flippin horse sanctuary.

  • Genevieve Winter

    Richard Branson is seemingly humble through all his amazing experiences. His values, his humour & his ability to take life not so seriously, but at the same time realise the seriousness of being part of this universe is what i adore about this man. One wish in my life is to(be on his back while water skiing, i wudnt look that good tho..k,k.jokes…)giving my kidz, my partner ,myself amngst his insightful energy! This man is someone all men shud aspire to be. Not the money!!..his hopes,dreams & responsability he carries to life..Go,Sir Richard Branson, you deserve everything you experience.


  • Evan

    I’m with you guys on this. I’ve seen a bunch of interviews and he seems like a great guy and deserves what he’s gotten. Would definitely be great to hang with him.

  • kesha pillay

    This  photo is a reminder that all the money in the world cannot buy you dignity and self respect…….For a married man this is shameful and disgusting and a supermodel that is no less different to  prostitutes.

  • Lilith.Strange

    true… but it can get you a naked supermodel on your back.