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Sep 01 2009

Surfer Barrelled by a Jet Ski

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This happened in 2005 at Teahupoo, Tahiti, but is still incredible to watch. The surfer is Tahitian, Raimana Van Bastoloer, as he is towed into a wave by his tow partner, Reef McIntosh. Neither were injured, though it was probably the last time Reef piloted a jet ski.

Raimana Gets Barrelled by a Jet Ski at Teahupoo

Raimana Gets Barrelled by a Jet Ski at Teahupoo

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Sep 01 2009

Clay Marzo – The Future

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Clay Marzo, upcoming surfer, does the things we only dream of on a wave. If he ever decides to go pro instead of the route of a free surfer, the WCT is going to be rocked. Clay grew up in Hawaii and suffers from Asperger’s Sydrome, a mild form of autism. More footage of Clay ripping can be seen on his movie, Just Add Water (trailer below).

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