Sep 01 2009

Surfer Barrelled by a Jet Ski

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This happened in 2005 at Teahupoo, Tahiti, but is still incredible to watch. The surfer is Tahitian, Raimana Van Bastoloer, as he is towed into a wave by his tow partner, Reef McIntosh. Neither were injured, though it was probably the last time Reef piloted a jet ski.

raimana jet ski Surfer Barrelled by a Jet Ski

Raimana Gets Barrelled by a Jet Ski at Teahupoo

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pixel Surfer Barrelled by a Jet Ski

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    The other huge part of being out here is also learning to drive the jet ski. As of yet I haven’t had any slip-ups on it and have put my fellow surfer Andrew …

  • Elizabeth Scott

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    Then get the biggest barrel of my life on my first wave of the competition and then after the event finished win an award for the best rescue pick up on the jet ski. Yeah, I’d say somehow I managed to top what had happened the week before and this new …

  • Emmi Bances

    Wow….this seems to be a real adventure….Loved it!!!
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