Jun 14 2010

Epic Jaws – 50 ft Waves in HD Slow Motion (Canon 5D Mark II)

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This HD slow-motion video of Jaws was shot by “iamkalaniprince” (Vimeo user) on December 7, 2009. This clip shows a seemingly endless set at the monster break. Jaws broke countless times this winter and Sebastian Steudtner, won the Billabong XXL was a massive left at Jaws (video link). This really shows how big tow-in big wave surfing has become. Every wave of the set has a rider on in, with I’m sure a few left after the set waiting for more.

Canon 5D Mark II Slow Motion + Jaws ( Peahi ) 12-7-09 from iamkalaniprince on Vimeo.

pixel Epic Jaws   50 ft Waves in HD Slow Motion (Canon 5D Mark II)

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  • Alex

    Hi! I saw that you posted awhile back (like, two years ago) about surfing in Yemen. I’m researching Aden for an article and was wondering if you had any further information, personal experience, or people to contact regarding local surfer kids there. Thanks so much!

  • Evan

    Thanks, Alex. I don’t really have much on the topic. The post I did was based on some research I did online. I’ve heard it’s one of the sketchiest places in the world to travel. American’s are going to stand-out there worse than probably anywhere, and it’s been a growing base of Al Queda.

  • http://www.zemblog.com Sand Sock Girl

    I enjoyed watching the slow mo video.. The waves looks great! Love it :)