Aug 13 2010

Great White Sharks on Video at San Onofre

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Me my Shark and I from Chuck Patterson on Vimeo.

Chuck Patterson, on a stand-up paddle board at San Onofre, films two juvenile Great White sharks. Great footage.

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pixel Great White Sharks on Video at San Onofre

6 responses so far

  • Sand Sock Girl

    I thought I was just looking at an aquarium… this is a great video!

  • Pedro

    Pretty ballsy footage Chuck – thanks!

  • aaaaa

    OMG you are fucking crazyyyyyyyy!!! IN THE WATER WITH THEMM OMG!!!!!!!

  • mosfran

    On a stand-up paddle board? you muste be crazy.
    Thank you for the video

  • Esteban

    Dont. Fall. Off.

  • river

    like wow! so cooool of the sharks to share their enviroment with you! sharks man are doing what everybody else is doing just try in to live and dig their surroundings man….so i must say awesome job being in sync man….