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  • Alan Martin

    Hows it going all?

    Wondering if you could help……. Im off to Brazil in May for 2 weeks of surfin and lazing about. Trip is starting off in Rio for about 5 days, then making my way down to Floripa for the remainder of my stay.

    What I need to know from someone whom has surfed these areas in May is:

    How warm is the water going to be? Boardshorts/wetsuit?

    How warm is the air temp going to be? Burnt to a crisp or moderate and wet?

    Also apart from the obvious breaks that keep on popping up on my Google searches, can anyone point me in the direction of some other spots that are really worth checking out?

    Accommodation – How easy would it be to just rock up in Floripa and find a hostel? As I am travelling on my own this would seem to be the obvious choice of accommodation. What sort of price would I be looking to pay?

    If anyone who is reading this is going to be out there when im there then please get in touch!

    Thanks all


  • Evan

    Alan, I was down in Floripa for New Years 2005. We rented a house by Praia Mole and surfed there mostly. Scored good surf also up north a little on the island at Mocambique. You definitely need to rent a car. There’s tons of good beach breaks with good access from the road. Mole is the best well known but Mocambique was a huge beach with tons of waves.

    Wannasurf.com suggests a springsuit for that time of year, but I would say you’d should definitely bring a 3/2 fullsuit. Southern Brazil gets cool/cold. It’s off-season down there, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a hostel either. There are some good ones by the Lagoa near Praia Mole. We didn’t stay in a hostel but I would expect it to be in teh $15/night range. The island is super fun, there’s a university there so it has a great nightlife.

    As for Rio area, I dont’ know much about the surf there but it’s definitely warmer so you probably only need a spring suit/shorty up there.

    For air temps, Rio will be warm 70-80s. Floripa will be cooler, not quite beach weather. It can also get cold in the south. Have a killer trip!


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    Head of the Department of Tourism Mentawai, Zulkarlin, said the Mentawai Regional Government will operated the patrols and control all the boats that entered (the area). In his estimate there are about 60 vessels that do not have a marine tourism license to operate in Mentawai, they only have permission from the harbour-master to navigate to Mentawai waters.

    He stressed, the Mentawai Regional Government did not intend to determine a quota on the number of surfing tourists that arrive. What will be arranged is that all the (licensed) operators of marine tours will receive the same opportunity. The restrictions have been put in place to minimize the risk of collisions between one surfer and another.

    “Surfing is an adventure sport but we dont want to see a uncontrolled scramble for every wave, for example if one surfing spot already has a tourist boat in place, the other tourist boats have to wait their turn,” said Zulkarlin.

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    In the meantime, the Head of the Mentawai Department of Income, Finance and Regency Assets (BPKKD), Nurdin, said that last year the fee that was deposited by the maritime tour businesses in Mentawai was around Rp500 million. The prediction is that this total will increase when all the vessels pay the fees. Nurdin estimates that, if in one year approximately 3,000 surfing tourists arrived, and if they, respectively paid Rp30,000 (per day), and most of them stay in the area for 10 days, then the total fee that could be raised, will be around Rp900 million, and that is only the fees for surfers.

    For the moment, the Vessel Tax/Fee, will be about Rp600 million per annum, with the assumption, that 30 charter boats that received a license all pay Rp20 million per year. So from the surfing business sector, we can raise at least Rp1,5 billion per year. “He said, there are seven ‘exclusive’ wave locations where the number of visitors are managed/limited, these are Silabu, in Katiet, in Mapadegat and in Nyang Nyang.”

    The Mentawai Regional Government plans, said Nurdin, to divide the wave zones into three types, the exclusive zones, where visitors must pay the fee, the economy price zones that are allocated for beginners and the free zones, where anyone can surf without paying a fee.

    In the meantime, Un Suheri (Un), Head of the Mentawai Marine Tourism
    Association, fully supports the Mentawai Governments plan to control surf boats arriving in Mentawai. Un says that because of the number of
    unlicensed vessels entering Mentawai without permission, the (licensed)
    surfing industry is currently depressed and operating at a loss.

    The owner of PT. Saraina Koat Mentawai that has six vessels explained,
    that in the same period last year he had a total of 10 trips, but now he
    has only two trips. “If previously (each boat) could expect 15 trips a
    year, now they get at most 3 trips a year,” he said. He estimated that
    proceeds from the surfing industry in Mentawai, is around Rp40 billion a
    year. However because of many companies that did not have permission and are not paying fees and taxes, the income that was received by the
    Mentawai Regional Government is not being maximized.

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  • Leomsuarez

    Where is the best place to go with my 14 mth baby and non surf wife to be the closer to each ones desires?

  • Evan

    In general I would say Costa Rica. There are tons of waves and decent resorts. It’s reasonably cheap, safe and clean. Nosara, Hermosa, Tamarindo and Mal Pais are all good spots.

  • Anonymous

    In general I would say Costa Rica. There are tons of waves and decent resorts. It’s reasonably cheap, safe and clean. Nosara, Hermosa, Tamarindo and Mal Pais are all good spots.

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