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Nov 12 2009

Biggest Surf of the Year, So Far – Billabong XXL (Video)

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Billabong’s XXL contest (official site) has become a regular in encouraging and recording the biggest and best of the world’s waves as surfers charge for the chance at $50,000 to ride the biggest wave of the year (other awards given for Monster Tube, Monster Paddle Wave, and Ride of the Year). So far, the results have been impressive with the Aussie clocking in some serious waves from Shipstern’s Bluff in Tasmania, all them coming from what some are calling the Biggest Shipsterns Ridden. Here’s the video of the biggest wave submissions so far to the Billabong XXL.

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Mar 01 2009

Teenage Surfer Attacked by Shark in Sydney: Third Attack in Less Then Three Weeks

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They say bad things happen in groups of three. Seems like this has been the case with shark attacks in the last year. In April last year, Zihuatanejo was hit by a string of shark attacks over the course of three weeks including one fatal attack (link).

Now, sharks are striking fear in the surfers and swimmers at Sydney. A 15 year old boy has been mauled by a shark on Sydney’s northern beaches, in the third shark attack in Sydney in less than three weeks. (Times UK Article)

The boy was surfing off Avalon Beach early on Sunday morning when the shark attacked, inflicting severe lacerations to his upper left leg. He underwent four hours of surgery to repair the injury (link).

Nick Miller from the Avalon Surf Lifesaving Club said the surfer was in the water with his father when the shark attacked.

“The father and son were out surfing this morning,” Mr Miller told ABC Radio.

“It got him around the top of his leg and his calf muscle and the father came in and dragged him in. ”

Witness Dylan Cram told Sky News: “I saw the two of them paddling in and frantically screaming ‘shark’. It was a pretty bad thing to witness.”

Other beach-goers said the boy, who had bites to his calf and thigh, was able to walk out of the water. His father used his t-shirt as a tourniquet while an ambulance was called, and he was airlifted to Royal North Shore hospital.

A hospital spokesman said he had wounds to his upper left leg, and he was in a stable condition. His leg had not been severed.

It is believed the shark is around five to six feet, but it is not yet known what type of shark it is. Helicopter searches of Avalon and neighboring beaches, which are popular with Sydney surfers have failed to spot the shark.

Richard Andjelkovic of Sydney Surf Lifesaving told The Times the number of shark sightings on Sydney beaches had increased recently. “Last weekend we closed a large number of beaches after a shark was spotted,” he said. “The number of shark sightings have been up in the last while. We’re not sure why, it might be because the waters are cooler and there are a lot more fish around.”

Nearly three weeks ago, navy clearance diver Paul de Gelder was mauled by a 2.7-metre bullshark in Sydney Harbor, causing him to lose a hand and leg.

Just a day later, in the first attack off Bondi beach in nearly 80 years, 33-year-old surfer Glenn Orgias was attacked by a 2.5m great white that shook him and nearly severed his left hand.

Check out all the latest shark news on here.

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Feb 12 2009

Shark Attack at Bondi Beach – Second Attack in Two Days

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The First Shark Attack at Bondi Beach Since 1929

The First Shark Attack at Bondi Beach Since 1929

A surfer was attacked at Bondi Beach, Australia. It was the second shark attack in two days after navy clearance diver was mauled off Woolloomooloo, in Sydney Harbour. The surfer, known last night only as Glen, 33, of Dover Heights, suffered deep cuts to his arm when he was attacked by the shark while surfing the break off South Bondi about 8pm. The attacks are likely to cause shark hysteria down under. It was the first shark attack at Bondi since 1929.

Check out all the latest shark news on here.

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Jan 24 2009

Shipsterns Bluff Goes XXL

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Photo Credit: Andrew Buckley

Hellmen, Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll, take on insane waves in storm conditions at Shipsterns Bluff, Tasmania. Check the fullframe slideshow at along with a full sequence of what has to be the wipe-out of the year (Ross Clarke-Jones). Shot of sequence below:

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Jan 20 2009

Going Huge at Shipsterns

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Photos via Surf Nation Blog. Ryan Hipwood at Shipsterns Bluff, Tasmania getting shacked. The photos are entries into the Oakley Surfing Life Big Wave Awards. Photo credit: Rodd Owen.

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Jan 04 2009

Surf Shot: Snapper Rocks

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Great photo of the paddle out at Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast, Australia. The photo is by Narelle Autio, who resides in Sydney. Here’s a link to gallery.

Snapper Rocks

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Dec 30 2008

Top 10 Surf Stories on 2008

1) Kelly destroys ASP winning 9th world championship.

Kelly Slater

Photo: Quicksilver

I’m not sure there’s anything that needs to said here. He blew away the field, winning 6 contests and 5 of the first 7 contests. It was never a contest, there was no race in points, it was just a matter of when he would close the deal, which he did in Mundaka, Spain. Unless the top 10 on the tour step up huge next year, there doesn’t look like anything is getting in the way of Kelly winning his 10th world title next year. Final ASP Rankings.

2) AI implodes on tour, takes 2009 off.

Andy Irons

Photo: ASP/Cestari

Andy Irons put up a disappointing performance on WCT tour in 2008. He highest finish was 5th place. He failed to show up for his heat at the Quicksilver Pro France and skipped the Brazil contest leading to speculation about his troubles. Andy announced that he was taking 2009 off from the tour, and may be following the path of free surfer of his brother, Bruce Irons.While I respect any athletes decision to do what he pleases with his career, A.I. has shown to be the best competitor to Kelly Slater (no disrepect to Taj, Mick, Parko, Bede, and others in the top 10). When he’s on top form, he’s one of the most exciting surfers to watch on tour. So while a year free surfing the best barrels of the world will no doubt be the time of his life, he will be missed on the 2009 WCT tour and his absence removes one more hurdle to Kelly Slater clinching his 10th world title.

3) Kelly wins 6th pipeline masters (on 5’11” board).

Channel Islands Deep Six - Kelly Slater’s Board

Photo: Channel Islands Surfboards

Kelly looked unstoppable all year and the Pipeline Masters was no exception. He beat Chris Ward in the final heat while riding a 5’11” in 8-10 ft Pipeline. Adding a final flourish to his epic year. Well done, Kelly. Looking forward to see what you can do next year.

4) Year of the shark.

Great white food chain

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Dec 17 2008

Surf Photography on Flickr

Flickr is a great photo sharing site with incredible amateur and pro photos. Surf photography has been a burgeoning category on Flickr with some incredible photography. Check out the surf photography groups on Flickr for more: Surfing Group, “Surf Photography” Group, “Wave Porn” Group, and the “Surfer” Group. Check out some of my favorite photos and photographers below:

Surfing Sign

Surfing Sign. Photo Credit: Ed Fladung (Flickr Profile)

Wes Aus Barrel

“Yallingup Lil’ Left.” Photo Credit: Morgan Maassen (Flickr Profile)

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Nov 08 2008

Kerby Brown Rides 40 ft Monster Wave in Western Australia

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Kerby Brown’s Monster

Photo: Andrew Buckley

25 year old Australian, Kerby Brown, rode the wave of his life on this 40 ft. monster in Western Australia (Times UK), followed shortly afterwards by the beating of his life. In spite of the fact that the wave was dry reefing, Kerby survived the wave with only a torn shoulder muscle.

The 25-year-old surfed the enormous break at an offshore reef in the Southern Ocean “somewhere between Margaret River and South Australia” on the southwest coast of Western Australia (WA) last August. Seems like there’s been a lot more big wave searching and a lot more discoveries out in Western Australia. Funny how they keep the location of this macker a secret, I can’t imagine that 20 tow teams are going to show up for this beast on the next swell.

Kerby on the wipe-out and hold down (Australia’s Surfing Life) “I was lucky to get to where I got, I went straight over in the lip and did about 10 backflips and then pulled a muscle in my shoulder. It felt like I ripped my arm out of it’s socket, my leggie snapped and then I felt like I was the deepest I’d ever been (underwater). I took about 10 huge big strokes to get up and I was seriously struggling. I finally got to the surface and I was ready to pass out, luckily my brother was there on the ski.”

Not surprisingly, the wave is being submitted to the Oakley Australia Surfing Life Big Wave Awards. It’s being touted as the largest wave surfed in Australia this year. Photo credit: Andrew Buckley (profile on Club of the Waves). Slideshow below, click here for full-frame slideshow.

Vimeo Slideshow

Kerby Brown Big Wave Awards Entry from Australia's Surfing Life on Vimeo.

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Oct 06 2008

Getting Barrelled with a Great White

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Surfer shares a wave with a shark near Perth, Western Australia

From the Surfers Village.

Fergal Smith, 21, was two miles off the coast of Perth in Western Australia when he caught a wave. Fergal, of County Mayo, Ireland, only realised he was inches from the shark when photographer Phil Gallagher showed him the photo.

Contributors to Australia’s Surfing Life magazine awarded Fergal the “Euro surf-dude of the month” award. ASL website reads: “Just imagine being in the barrel and looking at a massive shark like you’re at the bloody aquarium or something. Hats off to you Fergal Smith, you’re our Euro surf-dude of the month.”

Photographer Phil Gallagher, 29, from Perth, said: “Great Whites are common out here but I have never seen one that near to a surfer before.” Fergal Smith said he “couldn’t help but laugh” when he saw the photograph but added that his mother Brid, 51, had “freaked out big time”. He added: “I saw a grey shape in the wave but I thought it was the reflection of a slab of rock – how wrong was I?”

Since 1876 Great White sharks have been responsible for 65 deaths and 242 recorded non-fatal attacks worldwide. Australia has had the most fatal Great White attacks in the world with 27 deaths, the most recent in 2005.

Check out all the latest shark news on here.

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