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May 05 2008

More Shark Attacks – Global Warming to Blame?

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Great white food chain

We’ve blamed pretty much everything else on global warming, why not increased shark attacks? The Guardian UK published an article linking the recent shark attacks to global warming. There’s been an increase on shark attacks in the last couple of years (especially in Florida). US has suffered the worst with 70% of the worldwide sharks attacks in 2007 occurring in US waters. The author suggests more people visiting the coast (due to higher general population), increased seal populations, and warmer sea temps potentially causing sharks into areas they haven’t been in the past. All the evidence seems anecdotal, and the scientists seem to be postulating rather than having any real evidence. Here’s a graph from the International Shark Attack File that shows how much shark attacks have increased in the past century. (more after the jump)

Shark Attacks by Decade

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Apr 23 2008

Global Warming and Surfing: Are the Waves Getting Bigger

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The jury may still be out for some people about whether global warming is actually occurring, but for many of us it’s pretty obvious. I’m already investing in property in Oregon as the new Costa Rica (give it 200 years). Global warming’s effects on surf and waves isn’t as obvious. Rising sea levels are likely to turn epic surf spots like Pipeline into warm water mush burgers, but there’s some good news for surfers. There’s evidence that global warming is creating more larger storms, which means bigger waves. Seismologists have been able to document the phenomena (link). So next time you ditch your board on a set wave and swim, blame it on global warming not fear.

Perfect Storm Wave

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