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Jun 25 2008

Indo Video Candy – Shots from the Mentawais

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Slater at Rifles

Kelly Slater at Rifles. Rifles is hands down one of the best waves in the world. It’s sister wave Kandui’s (or Nokan as in “no-can”) as a reputation as one of the fastest, heaviest, longest left barrels in the world. Though often considered not makable. There are two land camps in the Ments (although I’ve read about construction of a third at Lance’s). Kandui Resort and WavePark Mentawai. Here are a couple of clips of what you wake up to at Kandui Resort from the Donkey Patrol surf blog. These guys will be waking up to these waves in a couple of weeks.

[youtube X2ZttJU4XF8]

[youtube P93LKZa3QT4]

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Apr 15 2008

Destination: Bali

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Uluwatu Racetrack

Bali has hit the surf spotlight hard in the last couple years and for good reason. From April through September it has consistent clean swell with good wind conditions (offshore at most breaks) and epic waves like Uluwatu and Padang Padang. It’s become the Hawaii of the summer months. Kuta has a fun nightlife and is incredibly cheap. The Balinese are friendly, welcoming people. Balinese locals have been competing on the international level for over a decade. Kuta Beach is packed surf schools and surf shops. If you’re heading to other parts of Indonesia for surf, then Bali is the requisite jumping off point. You can indulge in amazing food, parties, and massages before the jungle camps at G-Land or a surf charter in the Mentawais. Additionally, Bali has a rich culture with beautiful temples and scenery. The surf, culture, and lively nightlife make Bali one of the top surf destinations in the world.

Destination: Bali, Indonesia
Time of Year: April through September
Breaks: Uluwatu, Kuta Beach, Padang Padang, Nusa Dua, Medewi
Level: All levels
Cost: Inexpensive

[youtube GSPVpT0Pg5I]

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Mar 27 2008

Indonesia Video Clips

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Here are a couple of short video clips I posted on Youtube from two boat trips I did to Indonesia. The first in 2005 to the island Panaitan in Western Java. Panaitan was where Timmy Turner’s movie “Second Thoughts” was filmed. The island has some epic waves and was a week long trip with a short motoring from port. The second clip is from a boat trip I did in May of 2006 to Northern Sumatra. It was a two week trip and we surfed epic spots throughout different islands. The spots are all considered “secret spots.” The surf up there was unreal although access is a little difficult requiring a long motoring to the breaks and a trip of at least two weeks. Subscribe to the Surftherenow videos on Youtube for more!

[youtube i9d9kwXij1w]

[youtube Ch04MQpY_fA]

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