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Mar 05 2009

Kelly Slater Gets Deep – Talks About His Deep Six Board

Kelly Slater talks about his Deep Six Shortboard, the 5’6″ Al Merrick that he won the Pipeline Masters this year on in 8-10 ft. Hawaiian Surf. Kelly’s been pushing new boundaries with board design and finding smaller and shorter boards to ride in bigger surf. The video of him at Pipe with this board is worth the watch.

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Nov 21 2008

EXPN Can’t Interview Surfers – Their Interview with Kelly Slater

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 Kelly Slater

Photo: Quicksilver

EXPN’s Jon Coen interviews Kelly Slater asking him some pretty ordinary questions and gets some pretty ordinary responses. I’m personally not dying to hear Kelly’s opinion on Obama and Ralph Nader or the economy which seem to be the focus of the interview. Kelly does talk about his Kelly Slater foundation that raise money for good causes such as cancer. However, Kelly also calls terrorism a “played out, over-rated threat” suggesting because it only kills a small number compared to cancer and cardiovascular disease its deserving too much attention and money. That’s a hard argument to swallow. While he’s right that a large number of people die from cancer and cardiovascular disease every year, it doesn’t simply negate any other physical threat to our people. Secondly, the threat of terrorism is an ideological threat as well, an attack on humanity and on freedom.

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