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Mar 02 2009

Clark Little Surf Photography – Stunning Images of Waves

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Clark Little at work photographing the Waimea Shorebreak from the impact zone

Clark Little at work photographing the Waimea Shorebreak from the impact zone

Photo Credit: Eric Minugh (Flickr)

Clark Little (website), pictured above photographing the reknowned Waimea Shorebreak, started his career surfing the heaviest shorebreak in the world at Waimea. When he picked up photography, he naturally gravitated toward the impact zone and producing stunning images of the barrel from the shorebreak. Clark’s profile on Club of the Waves.

Clark puts himself in the critical point of the waves and gets rewarded with stunning images. His images are unlike any others. Taken from the heart of the barrel as the wave is balanced between motion and sculpture. Here are a few of his stunning images. (Daily Mail UK post on Clark Little) See Clark’s recent Interview on Good Morning America, Youtube Video of the interview at the end of the post.

Clark Little Putting Himself in the Line of Fire for the Shot

Clark Little Putting Himself in the Line of Fire for the Shot

A View Only a Surfer Sees

A View Only a Surfer Sees Clark Little Capturing the Wave Dance

Clark Little Capturing the Wave Dance

Clark Little Capturing the Wave Dance

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Jan 22 2009

Tim McKenna Portfolio – Teahupoo

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Surf Photographer – Tim McKenna – narrates a selection of photos of Teahupoo courtesy of Surfer Magazine. Tim has shot Teahupoo for close to a decade and has some incredible images.

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Jan 04 2009

Surf Shot: Snapper Rocks

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Great photo of the paddle out at Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast, Australia. The photo is by Narelle Autio, who resides in Sydney. Here’s a link to gallery.

Snapper Rocks

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Dec 17 2008

Surf Photography on Flickr

Flickr is a great photo sharing site with incredible amateur and pro photos. Surf photography has been a burgeoning category on Flickr with some incredible photography. Check out the surf photography groups on Flickr for more: Surfing Group, “Surf Photography” Group, “Wave Porn” Group, and the “Surfer” Group. Check out some of my favorite photos and photographers below:

Surfing Sign

Surfing Sign. Photo Credit: Ed Fladung (Flickr Profile)

Wes Aus Barrel

“Yallingup Lil’ Left.” Photo Credit: Morgan Maassen (Flickr Profile)

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Oct 10 2008

2008 Follow The Light Finalists Announced (Surfing Mag)

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Surfing Magazine announced the 2008 Follow the Light Finalists. Follow the Light Foundation, formed in the honor of the late photo legend Larry “Flame” Moore, is set to choose the third recipient of its $5,000 grant dedicated to the art of surf photography.

Here are the finalists:

Ryan Craig, Santa Cruz
Strengths: “Ryan Craig has a great usage of light. In particular, one of his photos from the Hook in Santa Cruz. He also probably has the strongest composition out of everyone.”

Todd Glaser, San Diego
Strengths: “Glaser’s strength is pure well-roundedness. He can do it all and thinks about it all on a particular trip. How am I going to capture the lifestyle, the lineups, the water shots, the mood?”

Zak Noyle, Hawaii
Strengths: “Zak had one of the strongest essays – what he would be doing with the grant money. He also has a shot of a Teahupo’o barrel – side angle and black and white – that really stood out. Intimate, up-close big-wave photography.”

Shawn Parkin, San Clemente
Strengths: “Shawn Parkin’s strengths were capturing heavily photographed waves in an all-new style. Some very unique angles of Trestles.”

Pat Ruddy, Florida
“Ruddy’s moody photography is really strong. They had the strongest ‘feel’ overall.”

And better still, here are the photos:

This gallery is brought to you by

Thanks to Ed Fladung and his blog Quality Peoples for pointing out the Follow the Light finalists. Ed is a great photographer, here’s Ed’s flickr photostream.

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Oct 10 2008

SoCal Goes Off!!!

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I showed up at Huntington Beach on Saturday morning to gentle offshores and pumping lined-up swell. It was double overhead on sets. Unfortunately, I had read surfline’s forecast that predicted 2-4 ft. surf so I had my fish and was a bit undergunned. The swell ended up lasting from Thursday to Tuesday, lighting up SoCal with a mix of Northwest and Southwest Swells. Here’s what it looked like from above (from Surfline):

Socal October Swell

The Southern California Surf Forecast blog posted some great shots by Toby of an Orange County beach break, here’s one from their post. The second shot is of Malibu from Surfline’s photo feature on the same swell.

Huntington Beach Barrel

Malibu during an October Swell

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Sep 26 2008

Insane Wave – Cornwall UK

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OK, granted this actually happened in January of 2008, it’s still worth posting. A couple of bodyboarders decided to charge huge storm waves in Cornwall, England. Originally posted in the Daily Mail UK, the newspaper claims the waves are 50 ft. The whitewash might be 50 ft, but the waves look more like 12. Still pretty heavy for the UK. This guy either charged hard or got caught in the worst rip current of his life.Bodyboarder in big surf Cornwall UK

Bodyboarder in big surf Cornwall UK 2

Bodyboarder in big surf Cornwall UK 3

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Sep 18 2008

Photos from the Boost Mobile Pro at Trestles

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Here’s an insane slideshow of photos from the competition and the final of the Boost Mobile Pro at Trestles. Photos were taken by San Diego photographer, Nathan Petty. Check them out. Click the link to the full screen slideshow. (Photo credit Nathan Petty:

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Sep 13 2008

Photo of the Day – Taj at Lowers

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Taj doing what he does best in the final heat at Lowers on Thursday. Photo credit: Evan Asano (flickr photostream)

Taj at Trestles

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Sep 11 2008

Boost Mobile Pro – Slater Wins Again!

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The finals for the Boost Mobile Pro were held today at Lowers, Trestles – San Clemente, CA. The week has been perfect for the contest with a un size 4-6 ft. South running all week. The conditions were a little more inconsistent today, but still plenty of overhead waves. Slater was down early in the 40 minute heat (lengthened because of inconsistent conditions) with Taj Burrow scoring early with a 9.6 and a 9.1. In fact, it looked like Kelly wasn’t going to be able to pull anything off with his early waves not scoring above an 8. Then the Slater magic happened. He scored a 9.7 with about 20 minutes remaining in the heat and then finished with a 9.2 in the last seconds. Taj sat dejected in the line-up as Kelly finished the wave right in front of the judges tower and walked onto the rocks to screams of the crowd.

Kelly hasn’t wavered from first place from when he took it with the first contest of the year at Snapper. He’s been unstoppable, winning 5 of the first 7 events! Brazil is up next, I don’t think anyone can catch him. Check the ASP World Tour rankings here.

The photos are all from today final heat between Kelly and Taj. With about 10 minutes remaining Kelly looking a bit desperate pulled into a smaller wave and tried to boost a big air immediately and flailed. Rare to see the champ flub it so badly. Check out the full frame slideshow here.

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