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Sep 25 2008

Video Candy: Barrel of the Year at Shipsterns and Urban Surfing

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Couple video clips from Surfline TV. First up is one of the craziest barrels I’ve seen: Michael Brennan at Shipsterns’ Bluff. The Second clip is off urban surfing in San Francisco.

See more skate, snow, surf, and moto videos at Shred or Die

See more skate, snow, surf, and moto videos at Shred or Die

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May 28 2008

Surfing the Thames… Yes, London.

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Yes, the UK does get surf and actually gets good surf (see link “Pipeland Comes to Scotland“). Now, one entrepreneur’s vision is to have a wave park on the Thames in London. Steve Jones is planning the The Venture Xtreme project at Silvertown Quays. Surfers will be able to ride 3-5 ft waves all year round by the Thames in a wave park. (Youtube video at end)

London Surf Park, Venture Xtreme Project at Silvertown Quays

The wave park is planned for 2011 and offers 100 m long rides that can break either left or right. For $60/hour surfers would get the chance to ride up to 10 waves. [more after the jump]

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Mar 31 2008

Surf Pavones, Costa Rica: World’s Second Longest Wave

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I first read about Pavones in “Searching for Captain Zero.” Writer, Allan Weisbecker , makes a surf road trip to Costa Rica to find a lost childhood friend. He ended the trip at this epic wave described as the world’s second longest (behind Chicama, Peru). I made my first trip to Costa Rica last May and when a real swell hit, I packed up my rental car and motored 12 hours down the coast from the North to Pavones. The wave lived up to every description of it. Sure, it’s crowded, but that’s to be expected of any epic wave with land access. There will be drop-ins but for the most part everyone including the locals respect the line-up. It’s entirely possible to grab waves out at Pavones and probably grab some of the best waves of your life. Considering how close it is the U.S. and how cheap it is to get there, it’s definitely worth a trip to surf. The area of Southern Costa Rica surrounding Pavones is pristine and stunning. The locals are friendly and the small town at Pavones has a chill laid back vibe. Check out our guide to getting to and surfing Pavones below (more photos and video)

Pavones, Costa Rica

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Mar 27 2008

Indonesia Video Clips

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Here are a couple of short video clips I posted on Youtube from two boat trips I did to Indonesia. The first in 2005 to the island Panaitan in Western Java. Panaitan was where Timmy Turner’s movie “Second Thoughts” was filmed. The island has some epic waves and was a week long trip with a short motoring from port. The second clip is from a boat trip I did in May of 2006 to Northern Sumatra. It was a two week trip and we surfed epic spots throughout different islands. The spots are all considered “secret spots.” The surf up there was unreal although access is a little difficult requiring a long motoring to the breaks and a trip of at least two weeks. Subscribe to the Surftherenow videos on Youtube for more!

[youtube i9d9kwXij1w]

[youtube Ch04MQpY_fA]

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